Why Every Small Business Should Be Boosting on Facebook

Social media is a highly effective platform in which your business message can reach the masses. While getting your message in front of many potential consumers is vital to your business success, it’s even more important to get it in front of the RIGHT people. Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri is here to help point out some of the benefits of boosting social media posts on Facebook and some best practices for business Facebook boosting.

What is Facebook Boosting? Boosting on Facebook is when you pay Facebook for your business posts to appear in more users’ timelines. This can significantly increase the number of potential customers who see your post. These pushed posts are shown in the newsfeed of people in your target market (which you can adjust with each boost you create).

Benefits of Facebook Boosting:Reach More People According to the most recent Facebook algorithm update, only about 2% of your Facebook followers are organically seeing your social media business posts.…

9 Popular Ways to for a Business to Use Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a highly effective way to reach your customers. Start expanding your reach and getting your message in front of your loyal customers on a regular basis. Text message marketing is one of the most popular new marketing platforms and it's a fantastic marketing medium. Our online marketing company in mid-Missouri knows how important it is to find the right marketing strategy to work for your business, within your budget. Learn about some of the ways your business can use text message marketing to grow your business.

1) Feature Specials Send your text fan club updates about your business specials. Whether it's a special for anyone to use and you want to get the word out or you want to send a special treat to your loyalty members, a text message is a great way to get immediate information out.

2) Send Wishes Make your text recipient feel special when you acknowledge their birthday or anniversary. It's a great chance for you to give them a little something…

5 Not So Obvious Perks of Keeping a Website Up To Date

A website has a direct reflection on how your business is perceived. Ensuring it is 100% accurate at all times is important for browsers on your website. If someone is on your website, they are likely very interested in learning more about your business. It builds credibility when the information on your website is accurate. Ensure your website gives a fresh and professional look when you make regular updates. Check out a few of the hidden perks of keeping your website updated on a regular basis.

1) Give Your Customers Accurate InformationInaccurate information on a website can give your business a bad reputation right off the bat. If a potential customer is looking at information on your website and there's conflicting information or different details when they actually contact your business, it can be unprofessional. Ensure your best image is being portrayed with accurate website information. 

2) Keep it InterestingWebsite visitors like to come back and check out new information. …

Are Online Reviews THAT Important? 5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Online Reviews

YES! Online reviews have a big impact on a number of areas of business. Search engine optimization, customer retention, and free marketing material are just a few of the reasons it's important to monitor your online reviews. If you're not monitoring your online reputation....who is? Your clients and potential customers, that's who! Make sure you're giving the best impressions of your business to help draw in more clients and hopefully make more money.

Google Likes Reviews Online reviews are a heavily rated factor in search engine rankings. Google is in the business of providing answers and high quality answers, at that. This platform helps to provide the best results for the end user and peer reviews are important to searchers, so that's what Google uses as a factor to help provide relevant information to searchers.

Impactful Marketing Material Positive reviews are a great way to promote your business. It can help showcase the experience others have had with your bus…

Refine your Marketing Message with These 3 Steps

Marketing messages influence how others perceive your business -- how current customers, prospects, and even your competition views your business. That's a lot of people who are drawing conclusions about your business based off of your marketing messages. It's important to put thought behind the marketing messages you're putting out because you're leaving impressions with every message sent. Learn how you can better refine your marketing message with these three easy tips to implement today.

1. Simplify & Stand Out There's a lot of messages out there. Everywhere you look, there's marketing messages trying to get your attention. Ensure your message is simple and easy to understand. A confusing message may just add to the marketing noise and go unnoticed or be written off at a first glance. You have to find out how to grab the attention of your ideal audience and hold that attention until you can share your full message.

2. Showcase Business It's important …

Be Intentional With Your Online Business Presence in 2020👊

Getting the most bang for your buck out of your marketing budget is a top priority for all business owners. Online marketing is a highly effective way to do just that! Instead of throwing around money hoping something with your marketing sticks...find out what works and focus on those methods.

Highly Effective Website A website is the center of your online universe and one of the only platforms that your business actually owns. Our custom designed website can help shine the spotlight your business deserves and be a space to show off your venture. We have over 20 years of experience in the website design realm of online marketing and we're really good at creating visually stunning websites that tend to rank well and help your business stand out online!

Robust Social Media Campaign There are a ton of users on social media and there's a great deal of business and personal posts competing to be in newsfeeds and be seen. We've been helping clients grow their social media platform…

Stay Top of Mind in Social Media Marketing in 2020

A consistent message can keep your business name and information in front of potential customers. A highly effective way to do that is through social media. On average, people spend 142 minutes on social media each day (that's over 2 hours every day). Clearly people are on social media and if you want to reach people, it's an impactful way to do so. If you want to stay top of mind (and we're pretty sure every business owner does), trust your social media marketing for your small business to the professionals! Our MSW Interactive Designs team has provided some helpful tips for ways you can stay top of mind in the social media world. Check it out:

Consistency is Key
Making regular social media posts is key to staying top of mind. The more often your message is seen by a potential customer, the better. The future customer may not be in need of your product or service today, but they are more likely to recall a business they see on social media when the time for your product or…