A Little Different Perspective on “Branding”

The word, “branding,” can be confusing for small businesses. Some people think it’s your advertising. Some people think it’s your logo. But it’s neither. While there are technical definitions of “branding,” I recently came across a little different perspective on branding that I really like.
It’s by Allan Dib, author of “The 1-Page Marketing Plan.” It goes something like this.

Try thinking of your brand as the personality of your business.
Literally, think of your business as an actual person and answer these questions about it. As you answer them about the “person”, try to think about the mental and emotional picture it creates of your “brand.”
So, if your business was a PERSON:1.What is the person’s name?
2.What does the person wear? 
3.How (and how well) does the person communicate? 
4.What is the person’s core values? And do they live by them in all cases?
5.Who does the person associate with?
6.Is the person well-known? And by who?

As you think about the mental and emotional picture cre…

Features Every Effective Website Should Have

It can be intimidating to decide what should be featured on a website. Our experienced website designers in mid-Missouri hear this a lot from our clients. A website should be a source where consumers can find a solution to their problem. If you're struggling with what to put on your website or are simply wanting to ensure your website is as updated as possible, it's a good idea to check that your site contains the following features. Take a look:

Eye-catching Graphics If your site doesn't grab your viewer's attention within seconds, they may move on. It's important that the visual aspect of your website conveys the right message to your potential customers. The graphics should be professional, eye-catching, and do a great job of explaining what your business does. The graphics you choose may be even more important than you realized!

Clear Call to Action What do you want website visitors to do? If the action you want potential customers to take isn't clear, they m…

Secrets for an Effective Online Business Presence

Getting found online is a way many businesses drive success. The ability to get people to your website and to increase awareness of your business is key. Our online marketing company in mid-Missouri is here to help! We're showcasing a few of the things you can be doing to put the web to work for your business.

Have an Effective Website Your website is your hub for all online activities. When a potential customer is searching for a solution to a problem, your website should be able to help them solve that issue (if it pertains to your business). It's also important to have a clear call to action across your website. How should someone contact your business to make a purchase? Is there an online store, a storefront to visit, a phone number to call, and order form to fill out... this kind of information should be easy for potential customers to view and understand.

Be Active on Social Media Social media is a highly effective way to reach and communicate with potential customers. Br…

Boost Your Business with Smart WiFi

Every business looks for ways to improve and be more successful. How do I bring more people in my door? How do I keep customers here longer? How do I bring existing customers back? If you've wondered similar questions yourself, it's time to consider Smart WiFi for your brick and mortar location! Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri uses a unique Smart WiFi platform that can help you make the most of your existing customer base. From remarketing to reputation management, MSW Interactive Designs can help you do it all! Learn more about our Smart WiFi and how you can best use it for your business.

Why Smart WiFi?5x faster (automated) customer data collection. When a user signs into your business WiFi, they will be prompted to create a log in or use an existing account log in (like Facebook or email). Once a user logs in, your business receives this contact information. This allows you to automatically gather customer information. Now you can remarket to your existing cu…

Why Every Small Business Should Be Boosting on Facebook

Social media is a highly effective platform in which your business message can reach the masses. While getting your message in front of many potential consumers is vital to your business success, it’s even more important to get it in front of the RIGHT people. Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri is here to help point out some of the benefits of boosting social media posts on Facebook and some best practices for business Facebook boosting.

What is Facebook Boosting? Boosting on Facebook is when you pay Facebook for your business posts to appear in more users’ timelines. This can significantly increase the number of potential customers who see your post. These pushed posts are shown in the newsfeed of people in your target market (which you can adjust with each boost you create).

Benefits of Facebook Boosting:Reach More People According to the most recent Facebook algorithm update, only about 2% of your Facebook followers are organically seeing your social media business posts.…

9 Popular Ways to for a Business to Use Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a highly effective way to reach your customers. Start expanding your reach and getting your message in front of your loyal customers on a regular basis. Text message marketing is one of the most popular new marketing platforms and it's a fantastic marketing medium. Our online marketing company in mid-Missouri knows how important it is to find the right marketing strategy to work for your business, within your budget. Learn about some of the ways your business can use text message marketing to grow your business.

1) Feature Specials Send your text fan club updates about your business specials. Whether it's a special for anyone to use and you want to get the word out or you want to send a special treat to your loyalty members, a text message is a great way to get immediate information out.

2) Send Wishes Make your text recipient feel special when you acknowledge their birthday or anniversary. It's a great chance for you to give them a little something…

5 Not So Obvious Perks of Keeping a Website Up To Date

A website has a direct reflection on how your business is perceived. Ensuring it is 100% accurate at all times is important for browsers on your website. If someone is on your website, they are likely very interested in learning more about your business. It builds credibility when the information on your website is accurate. Ensure your website gives a fresh and professional look when you make regular updates. Check out a few of the hidden perks of keeping your website updated on a regular basis.

1) Give Your Customers Accurate InformationInaccurate information on a website can give your business a bad reputation right off the bat. If a potential customer is looking at information on your website and there's conflicting information or different details when they actually contact your business, it can be unprofessional. Ensure your best image is being portrayed with accurate website information. 

2) Keep it InterestingWebsite visitors like to come back and check out new information. …

Are Online Reviews THAT Important? 5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Online Reviews

YES! Online reviews have a big impact on a number of areas of business. Search engine optimization, customer retention, and free marketing material are just a few of the reasons it's important to monitor your online reviews. If you're not monitoring your online reputation....who is? Your clients and potential customers, that's who! Make sure you're giving the best impressions of your business to help draw in more clients and hopefully make more money.

Google Likes Reviews Online reviews are a heavily rated factor in search engine rankings. Google is in the business of providing answers and high quality answers, at that. This platform helps to provide the best results for the end user and peer reviews are important to searchers, so that's what Google uses as a factor to help provide relevant information to searchers.

Impactful Marketing Material Positive reviews are a great way to promote your business. It can help showcase the experience others have had with your bus…