Why Instagram is an Important Social Media Platform for Business

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and it's a fantastic place for businesses to share content. When used correctly, this platform is a highly effective way to reach customers. There are many perks of posting to Instagram and our social media marketing business in mid-Missouri is here to showcase why your business should be on this platform.

Great Potential for Reach

Instagram has 112.5 million users in the United States. The potential for reach is huge! Ensure your message is being seen on this platform for the best chance of exposure for your business.

Showcase Creative Side

Get creative with your posts on Instagram. This is your chance to show a more personal side to your business. Consumers like to do business with people and your business can showcase your personal aspects with your content.

Attract a New Demographic

Instagram has a wide range of users but for the most part, it's a younger demographic. Reaching this age range is impactful for many businesses. This can help you gain new customers that you may not have been reaching before on other platforms.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Instagram is a platform where interactions with customers are encouraged. You can direct message or comment back and forth with your followers to help grow the bond they have with your business. This kind of interaction helps you become more memorable for your potential customers, as well.

Create Fun Content

Instagram is all about fun. Eye-catching images, exciting content, emojis, and hashtags are all common on this platform.  Have fun with your content creation and make your account an exciting place for followers to check out your business!

There are many perks of posting to a business Instagram account. Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri has noticed a great spike in interest and use of this platform. If your business isn't posting to Instagram, now's the time to explore ways to extend your reach to keep your business top of mind. MSW Interactive Designs is here to help put the web to work for you!

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