The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing on Facebook

Videos have taken over Facebook. You may have noticed Facebook newsfeeds are infiltrated with video and there's a reason for that. Facebook knows that the majority of users enjoy watching videos more than looking at a stagnant image or a post with no image at all. This type of marketing strategy can help your business get more views for your content. Check out a few ways you can use Facebook to market video content.

Uploading a Native Video

Posting a video by uploading a file is one of the most impactful ways to share video content. This method allows the video to auto-play for viewers scrolling through their newsfeed. This can quickly grab the attention of your viewers and draw them in to see your message.

Going Live

Live is one of the more popular video content sharing methods. When someone goes "Live", they are live streaming from their camera view. This is a great way for your followers to see your authenticity. There is no editing or uploading required; simply tap Live and start your video! Your viewers will get a notification as you go Live, which can help increase the number of people who see your video.

Sharing Links to Videos

Another way to share video content on your Facebook page is to post a link to a video from another website. Many videos, like YouTube videos will populate a thumbnail and prompt the viewer to hit play or click out to the original video source. This can be a quick and easy way to get existing content in front of your Facebook followers.

Tips for Creating a Video for Facebook

Creating a successful video requires a plan. Here are a few suggestions we can provide to get you started:

1. A successful video ad starts with professional photos, video clips, and/or text that promotes your specials, offers or events. This content has to be royalty-free so you are protected from copyright issue.

2. You’ll want to consider the music that is set to your video ad. While most users don’t listen with sound, you still want to have some there for the ones that do. Be aware - only use royalty-free music to protect yourself from copyright issues.

3. Keep the length in mind for your Facebook Video Ad. We don’t recommend that it’s any longer than 30 seconds. Short and sweet is the most effective way to utilize your video ad.

Tips for Going Live on Facebook

Going Live on Facebook is a fun and impactful way to share your message. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Think about your environment. Is the lighting adequate for what you want to accomplish. What does your background look like? Could background noise be distracting for the message you're trying to portray?

2. Get comfortable on camera. Don't be nervous as you hit the Live button, just be yourself! This is your chance to show off the personal side to your business and is a great way to connect with your followers!

3. Make your message valuable. Don't go Live just for the sake of going Live. Try to have something relevant to share with your followers when you choose this video platform. People will be excited to see what you have to say and will likely come back to your Facebook page for more information about your business!

Now that you know the different types of video marketing you can do with Facebook and some tips on creating video content, you're ready to take a step into the video marketing world! Video is a fantastic tool to capture audience, share your message, and make a memorable impact on potential customers. If you're looking to up your online marketing efforts, MSW Interactive Designs is here for you!

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