5 Reasons to Focus on Your Google My Business Listing

When someone conducts an online search for a business, they are likely going to check out the Google My Business listing. It's important that all of the information is complete and accurate on your Google My Business listing. Our online marketing company in mid-Missouri sees every day how important Google My Business listings are for our clients. If you don't have a Google My Business listing (or you don't remember the last time it was updated), check out why it's such an important platform to remain active on.

1) It's a Google Product (need we say more?)

Google is known to weigh its own platforms a little more heavily in search rankings. The company has also stated that Google My Business listings have an impact on SEO, especially local SEO. If you own a business with a physical location, a Google My Business listing is a MUST!

2) Helps Customers Find Info

Google is all about providing answers to questions. Many online searches are conducted to find out information about businesses. What are their hours? How do I get there? What is their phone number? What do others say about their business? All of these answers can be easily found on a completed Google My Business listing. Ensure your customers are getting the right information about your business by completing your GMB listing!

3) Works as a Social Platform

Google used to have Google+ as its social platform, but in the past few years, this feature has transferred over to the Google My Business platform. Companies are able to make posts like any other social platform in order for businesses to share detailed information about their products or services, details about their business, and any other content that pertains to their industry. The more content your business has online on various platforms, the better.

4) Encourages Reviews

Google My Business encourages consumers to leave reviews about businesses. It's also a nice platform for business owners to use to manage online reviews. You can view and respond to any review left about your business (and we highly encourage you to do so)!

5) Showcases Your Business

Your Google My Business listing is another place for you to share information about your business. Since most online searches are done via Google, it's important this listing is up to date in order for your potential customers to learn the most accurate information about your business.

Now that you've learned some of the reasons why it's so important to focus on your Google My Business listing, you're ready to take action. If claiming, establishing, or maintaining your listing seems overwhelming or you simply don't have the time, MSW Interactive Designs has some options available to help our clients claim and better manage their Google My Business listings.

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