How SMART are Your Leads?

We spend a lot of time talking about how to get people to your website and into your doors. But what happens then? How do you turn that first-time visitor into a lifelong customer? If you don’t have a proven strategy to capture those leads and follow up, then you could be missing out on building loyalty to your business and earning repeat customers.

Capture Website Visitors

You may already have a lead generation form on your website for potential customers to contact you. While that is an important convenience for the customer, not everyone who visits your website is going to fill out a form and reach out on their own. In fact, it is roughly only 2% of website visitors that take the time to fill out a form.

What if, instead of requiring website visitors to reach out to you, you had a way to reach out to them? That is where Smart Visitor ID comes in. This technology tracks who is visiting your website and sends you information about them that gives you the power to follow up. Smart Visitor ID can collect detailed information like the visitor’s company name, address, possible contacts, phone number, email address, and even more specific details that can help you convert the other 98% of website visitors into solid, workable leads.

Capture Brick & Mortar Visitors

You work hard to get customers through the door at your business. So, how can you encourage them to become repeat, loyal customers? Collecting business cards in a fishbowl just doesn’t seem adequate in today’s fast-paced, information-driven world. While business cards are a great tool for networking, it’s hard to collect a lot of information about a customer through a simple card and a very brief interaction. Zenreach Smart WiFi changes that.

When customers use your free WiFi, they will simply log in using their email address, Twitter, or Facebook. Smart WiFi does all the hard work for you from there, collecting contact and demographic information from every visitor. It even reaches out for you at the perfect moment to encourage those customers to come back when it’s been a while since their last visit. With Zenreach Smart WiFi, you can also collect data about how often customers are returning to your business and how much your sales have increased as a direct result of the platform.

Get Smart!

MSW Interactive Designs has a lot of ways to help expand your reach and increase sales. We go above and beyond traditional website design to help your business be as effective as possible in the marketplace. If you are ready to up your lead game with Smart Visitor ID and Smart WiFi, give us a shout! Let us help turn those first-time visitors into lifelong customers.

Alycia Conrad, MSW Interactive Designs LLC

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