Top Strategies to Get More People to Sign Up For Your E-Newsletter📧

An email newsletter is a highly effective, and oftentimes underused marketing platform many businesses have available. If you collect email addresses of clients and potential customers, you should be sending out email newsletters. Regular newsletters can keep your business top of mind, remind current customers of other products/services you have available, and showcase what your business is up to. According to Marketing Sherpa, 61% of customers say they like to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis. If you're looking for effective ways to grow your email marketing list (and you should be), check out our tips below!

Make it Easy

Consumers aren't going to take too much time filling something out and the second it gets complicated, they will hit the exit button. Whether you're collecting emails at an expo or on an online form, it's important that it is user friendly in order to get more subscribers to complete the subscription process.

Offer Something in Return

People don't like giving away their contact information for "free". The subscriber will be more inclined to input their email address if they get something of value in return. You can get creative with this -- a free resource guide for something that pertains to your business or a gift card to your business are both effective strategies. You can even test out a few different items and see which offer gets you the most new subscribers.

Keep it Simple

Just like making it easy, consumers don't want to input a lot of personal information -- sharing their email address is likely enough for them. We recommend keeping the input form as short as possible to help keep potential subscribers interested.

Promote Sign Ups on Other Platforms

Gain more subscribers by promoting your newsletter on your other platforms. You'll likely want a sign up form on your website. You can easily promote sign ups by making social media posts about subscribing. Helpful tip: Link to the web page your sign up form is on to make the transition even easier for people who want to subscribe.

Make it Shareable and Worthy of a Share

Most newsletter platforms offer an option for subscribers to share the content they are reading. Invite them to do so. If they like what they read, they may have someone in mind who would enjoy similar content, as well. This means your content has to be worthy of a share, too!

Now that you know some impactful ways to get more subscribers to your email newsletter, you're ready to start implementing these changes to your email marketing strategy! If you're curious about e-newsletters to promote your business, our internet marketing company is here to help. Contact MSW Interactive Designs today. We want to hear what you'd like to accomplish with your newsletter and we can help find the right options to meet your needs!

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