TIPS FROM THE PROS: Ways to Effectively Market During Uncertain Times

We are certainly experiencing uncertainty! No one knows when things will be back to "normal" (is normal a thing in the business world?). It can be tempting to halt your marketing efforts but we're here to show you why you shouldn't. We understand times are tough and we don't know how long this will last but stopping your marketing messages all together may actually make things worse for your business. Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri is here to help guide you through ways to better market your business during difficult times but most importantly, don't stop marketing altogether!

Be Present

Communication is key, especially in a world of uncertainty. Having your messages present can easily keep your business top of mind.

Evaluate Your Message

Ensure your message is in good taste. Would your typical customer think the content you're sharing is appropriate? That answer depends on your consumer, but keep your customer in mind when creating content, especially right now.

Express How You Can Help

Consumers are constantly looking for solutions and it's your job to tell them how your product or service can help. Showcasing how your product meets a need or want can connect the dots for potential consumers who are looking at your marketing message.

Be Transparent

Transparency is highly important right now. Keep consumers in the know with what's going on with your business. Are your hours changing? Are you taking extra precautions to keep consumers and employees safe? Are you temporarily closing down? This information should be clearly present for customers. If you aren't informing your customer base, they may have unanswered questions and move on to your competition for their answers.

Show Empathy

This is the time to showcase the human side of your business. It's a terrible situation and being empathetic to what's happening across our city, our state, our country, our world is of high importance right now.

Keep It Positive

People are on social media now more than ever and most are craving some positive messaging -- be that bright spot for your consumers! Consumers remember how you make them feel over all else. Make a positive impact with your messaging in a scary and uncertain time!

During times of uncertainty, it's best to over-communicate with your customers and social media is an impactful touchpoint as many consumers spend a big chunk of time each day online (even more now).

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