Facebook Changes Aimed to Help Small Businesses During This Time

Many small businesses are facing challenges in this unprecedented time. Facebook has stepped up and is offering a few ways to better support small businesses during this time. Social media marketing is an effective way to get your message to your target audience. It's important to keep up with your social marketing as this is a way many customers are consuming information these days. Ensure your message has a good chance of being in their newsfeeds over the next few months. Consumers are eager to learn more about businesses and silence is NOT the way to accomplish that! Learn about the changes Facebook has recently made to make communication and the financial struggle a little easier for many small businesses:

Ability to Sell Gift Cards On Facebook

Facebook now provides a place for businesses to set up digital gift cards. People can purchase gift cards for themselves or for others to use at a future date. The income stream from the purchase of gift cards can help many small businesses stay afloat.

New Fundraising Capabilities

Business owners are now able to create a personal fundraiser on Facebook and invite their business followers to participate. This fundraising option can come as a big opportunity for financial relief for businesses facing a time of crisis. Many non-profit organizations rely on donations to function and social distancing has caused many of those efforts to come to a halt.

Small Business Grant Program

Businesses are experiencing many disruptions with the COVID-19 crisis spreading across the world. Facebook has taken a stand to relieve some of the financial devastation with cash grants and ad credits to help lessen the burden during this challenging time.

More Options to Communicate Business Changes

There are now more service options available for a business Facebook page. Details like pickup, delivery, and online services are now options for businesses to select on their business profile. These additional changes allow businesses to best communicate their current situation to customers. Communication is key on a normal basis and even more important throughout this pandemic as businesses make changes on a regular basis to best adapt to the current situation they face.

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