A Little Different Perspective on “Branding”

The word, “branding,” can be confusing for small businesses. Some people think it’s your advertising. Some people think it’s your logo. But it’s neither. While there are technical definitions of “branding,” I recently came across a little different perspective on branding that I really like.
It’s by Allan Dib, author of “The 1-Page Marketing Plan.” It goes something like this.

Try thinking of your brand as the personality of your business.

Literally, think of your business as an actual person and answer these questions about it. As you answer them about the “person”, try to think about the mental and emotional picture it creates of your “brand.”

So, if your business was a PERSON:

1. What is the person’s name?
2. What does the person wear? 
3. How (and how well) does the person communicate? 
4. What is the person’s core values? And do they live by them in all cases?
5. Who does the person associate with?
6. Is the person well-known? And by who?

As you think about the mental and emotional picture created by your answers, you begin to get a sense of your brand. Now, most likely you answered these questions from YOUR perspective. Here’s the real gold … ask one of your best customers to complete this exercise for your business. The difference in the answers is the gap and it give you an action plan to close the gap, from what your brand is right now (the customer’s perspective) to what you want it to be (your perspective).
The take-away is this. Your branding really occurs AFTER the sale. It’s not something you do to entice people to buy from you. It’s the experience they have with your business and how they talk about that experience to others over time.

~ Sandy Waggett, Co-Owner MSW Interactive Designs LLC

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