Why Every Small Business Should Be Boosting on Facebook

Social media is a highly effective platform in which your business message can reach the masses. While getting your message in front of many potential consumers is vital to your business success, it’s even more important to get it in front of the RIGHT people. Our internet marketing company in mid-Missouri is here to help point out some of the benefits of boosting social media posts on Facebook and some best practices for business Facebook boosting.

What is Facebook Boosting?

Boosting on Facebook is when you pay Facebook for your business posts to appear in more users’ timelines. This can significantly increase the number of potential customers who see your post. These pushed posts are shown in the newsfeed of people in your target market (which you can adjust with each boost you create).

Benefits of Facebook Boosting:

Reach More People

According to the most recent Facebook algorithm update, only about 2% of your Facebook followers are organically seeing your social media business posts. To extend your reach, it’s vital that your business put some boosting dollars toward your posts. In addition to boosting posts, we also find it very important to grow your follower base, which can also be accomplished by a page promotion boost. Finding the right budget mix of page promotion and post promotion can be beneficial to your business reach. It’s important to continually grow your following and reach with Facebook boosting.

Target the Right Consumer

Facebook allows promotions to get very specific. You can target specific geographical areas and even as far down to neighborhoods with a Facebook boost. A boost can also be targeted toward special areas of interest and even job titles. This can be a super powerful tool for businesses when used correctly. Maximize your Facebook boosting budget when you narrow your budget down to the right potential audience.

Be More Memorable

The more often a potential consumer sees your message, the more brand awareness you’re raising for your business. Help your message appear in more Facebook newsfeeds across your target audience. This can quickly increase potential consumers being able to recall your business information. Even if someone isn’t ready to make a purchase today, the more often they see your messaging, the more easily they will remember your business when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

See Instant Results for Marketing Budget

Every boosted post created on Facebook has insights available. As your budget is spending, you can log into the insights portion of your account and see the results you’re getting in real time. You can also adjust the boost budget, duration, and target audience at any time during the boost. This can help you react in real time to make the most of your marketing budget.

Here at MSW Interactive Designs, we offer all around internet marketing services and one of our most popular products is social media marketing in central Missouri. Our team creates both visual and text content and makes regular social media posts on behalf of our clients. In addition to the creative work, we boost almost every post we make. We know boosting is so important to the success of our clients that we encourage everyone to include a boosting strategy budget along with their social media posts. If you’re curious about how our social media marketing business at the Lake of the Ozarks can help your small business grow, give one of our rock stars a call today!

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