9 Popular Ways to for a Business to Use Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a highly effective way to reach your customers. Start expanding your reach and getting your message in front of your loyal customers on a regular basis. Text message marketing is one of the most popular new marketing platforms and it's a fantastic marketing medium. Our online marketing company in mid-Missouri knows how important it is to find the right marketing strategy to work for your business, within your budget. Learn about some of the ways your business can use text message marketing to grow your business.

1) Feature Specials

Send your text fan club updates about your business specials. Whether it's a special for anyone to use and you want to get the word out or you want to send a special treat to your loyalty members, a text message is a great way to get immediate information out.

2) Send Wishes

Make your text recipient feel special when you acknowledge their birthday or anniversary. It's a great chance for you to give them a little something special that will bring them into your establishment and help increase their loyalty to your business.

3) Notify Weather

Do you have a business that's directly impacted by the weather? Send out weather alerts to your text subscribers. If it's a great day to get out and enjoy your business, let your fans know! If bad weather may cause a business closure, that's something you should inform your fans of, as well.

4) Event Reminders

If you have a big event coming up, help bring more awareness to the event via a text message. Send out regular updates leading up to the event that way your potential guests are sure to remember and mark their calendars.

5) Send Important Updates

Does your organization ever need to close or cancel an event at the last minute? A text is a perfect way to reach people who need to know about the status. 

6) Showcase Entertainment

Easily get the message out about your upcoming entertainment. Often times a consumer will choose your establishment over another if they know they will receive an extra bonus, such as live entertainment. Make sure your fans know that way they don't miss out!

7) Feature New Product

Highlight your products and services via a text message. You can also feature a new product that your current customer base may be interested in learning more about. 

8) Appointment Reminders

Does your business book appointments? Send out reminders about upcoming appointments for your clients. This can help cut back on no-shows due to someone forgetting about an appointment. 

9) Host Contest

A contest giveaway is a great way to gather more relevant contacts that are interested in your business and keep you top of mind. 

Text Message Marketing with MSW

MSW Interactive Designs is excited to feature our affordable text message marketing service. If you're curious about how you can best use this marketing strategy for your business, contact our internet marketing company in Missouri today! We specialize in helping small to medium size businesses grow and text message marketing is a highly effective way to do just that!


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