Are Online Reviews THAT Important? 5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Online Reviews

YES! Online reviews have a big impact on a number of areas of business. Search engine optimization, customer retention, and free marketing material are just a few of the reasons it's important to monitor your online reviews. If you're not monitoring your online reputation....who is? Your clients and potential customers, that's who! Make sure you're giving the best impressions of your business to help draw in more clients and hopefully make more money.

Google Likes Reviews

Online reviews are a heavily rated factor in search engine rankings. Google is in the business of providing answers and high quality answers, at that. This platform helps to provide the best results for the end user and peer reviews are important to searchers, so that's what Google uses as a factor to help provide relevant information to searchers.

Impactful Marketing Material

Positive reviews are a great way to promote your business. It can help showcase the experience others have had with your business, which is exactly what potential customers want to know. Consumers want to know what they expect when they choose a business and having reviews used as marketing material can help amplify that message.

Send Social Signals

The more online reviews that are written about your business the better. Online searches like to see interaction with your business online. The more reviews you have on various review sites, the more social signals are being sent online about your business. These kind of signals are great for search engine results.

Be Seen as a Credible Business

When consumers are interested in making a purchase, it's important to showcase your business as a credible choice. Posting reviews left by customers on your website can help interested customers easily find your reviews. This can help give potential customers the extra push they need as they are already considering your product if they are on your website. Show interested parties that your business is the best choice via your reviews.

Make More Money

A 1-star rating improvement can result in a 5%-9% increase in revenue, according to BlueJay Reviews. The more positive reviews written about your business, the more likely you are to draw in new customers. You can help improve your overall star rating and hopefully increase revenue.

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