The Impact Reviews Have On A Business

Reviews are important for a business but they may have more of an impact on your online presence than you realize. As an internet marketing company in mid-Missouri, we know the importance of online reviews and how they can impact businesses. If you've been wondering why reviews are so vital to your business, let MSW Interactive Designs help answer that very question!

Reviews are a factor in search result rankings.

Online star ratings of a business is a factor in search engine rankings. This means that the more reviews and the better reviews you have, the better chance you have at ranking higher in online searches. There are hundreds of factors that go into online rankings but having the knowledge that reviews are a heavily weighted factor can help you influence your business's SEO!

Establish credibility for your brand.

Consumers trust peer feedback over many other factors about a business. Your online reputation can help showcase your business as a trusted company for potential customers who may be searching for businesses like yours. Getting more positive reviews can help up your overall star rating which is often a first-glance factor that eager customers notice.

Gain new marketing material.

Use your reviews to help better market your business. Publish your reviews on your website and social media. This can help reiterate that your business is the best in your sector. Having reviews on your website can also help push an interested party to become a buyer/customer of yours.

Pro Tip: When you get a great review, update your website to feature it. Fresh content is another factor that's used to rank website and the more updates (like reviews), the better!

Online interactions are a good thing. 

The more social signals being sent online about your business the better. Having reviews written about your business only helps increase the number of social interactions.

Pro Tip: Reply to your business reviews. This can help show that you care about your customer feedback to potential customers who are reading reviews about your business. 

You're ready to start making motions to improve your online reputation and promote happy customers to leave reviews. We have a new product that can help businesses prompt, monitor, and respond to online reviews. If you'd like to learn how our internet marketing company can help, reach out to MSW Interactive Designs today!

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