Reasons to NOT ‘Set It And Forget It’ with Your Website

You take financial and time resources to have a website designed for your business. Once your site goes live, you may not think about it again for a while. Your website is a direct reflection upon your business and there’s some behind the scenes things to think about, as well. Our experienced website design company in mid-Missouri is here to help showcase why leaving your website stagnant for a period of time isn’t always the best idea for your overall web presence!

Google Likes Fresh Content

Google crawls websites looking for new and updated content. A website that has updates can help show that it is a more relevant search since it is fresh information, therefore it may tend to rank higher than a comparable website with no updates. Help your website appear to be a better search result when you make regular content updates.

Ensure Information Accurate

No matter what line of business you’re in, things change over time. It may be a new product or service, it may be a change in staff, it may even be some exciting updates to your about us section. Updating your website with these kinds of changes can help ensure the information searchers are reading is 100% accurate.

Keep Visitors Interested (and coming back for more)

If a website visitor returns to your website after a bit of time, they may be interested to learn about a new feature you have. Share helpful information that pertains to your line of work, feature new testimonials from a recent client, showcase a new project – these are all ways to keep your website visitors interested in your fresh content.

Evaluate What’s Working and What Needs Changing

If you haven’t made changes to your website recently, it may be time to evaluate your site. There are tweaks that can be made to your site that can make a big impact on your goals. Do you want to drive more traffic to fill out a contact form? Consider moving the form up higher on the site so it’s in a highly visible location that’s easy to find. Little changes like this can help you better evaluate what works best for your website and how to make your website reach your goals.

Make it More User Friendly

The digital world is ever changing and that applies to website design, as well. A feature that may have not been an option when your site was designed may be a very valuable asset in this day in age. Anything that makes the end user’s experience better is a great reason to update your website.

When you host your website with MSW Interactive Designs, you get free and fast updates with your monthly hosting. This makes it convenient to make updates to your site. We know how important and beneficial updates can be for a website and that’s why we include this service in our standard hosting.

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