3 Online Marketing MYTHS You Should Stop Believing

There are a ton of tips about online marketing floating around out there but along with those tips come some common misconceptions. As a website design and internet marketing company, we hear a lot of comments that aren't entirely true that many business owners believe about marketing on the web. We're here to help set the record straight by featuring a few common myths about online marketing.

Myth #1: A social media page is more important than a website.

A social media account can be shut down, a platform could cease its existence at any time, or rapidly lose users and become obsolete. Does that mean you don’t need to spend your time or money on social media? Not at all! Social media is a highly effective marketing strategy and is proven to be instrumental over and over again for many businesses. We just know social media is not necessarily more important than a website. Your website is the center of your online marketing universe and it’s vital to have a place to drive your online traffic toward in hopes to convert a searcher into a customer. 

Myth #2: If a website is built, it will be easy to find. 

Search engine algorithms are ever changing. The purpose of a search engine is to help the end users find the most relevant information for their search. If your business website doesn’t seem like a great result in the eyes of the search engine, it may not appear for a search. There are a ton of factors that go into ranking a website so simply having a website does not mean you will rank or be easily found. There are many things you can do to help influence the search engine to view your website as a relevant search and our internet marketing company has proven tools available to assist, including highly effective website design and robust social media campaigns.

Myth #3: I can build my own business website. 

This isn’t necessarily a myth because almost anyone can use online platforms to build a website. The real question is how effective is that website? Our team of web designers create visually stunning, custom websites that tend to rank well in online searches. This happens with years of experience and immersion in the web design world with our thumb on the pulse of the ever-changing techniques. Building your own website isn’t always the right choice for your business.

Just like you’re the expert in your field, we are the expert in the online marketing and web design industry. Now that we’ve busted some of these common online marketing myths, you may be surprised to learn the truth. Our website design company at the Lake of the Ozarks is truly your one source for all things online marketing and we specialize in helping small businesses dominate their competition online!

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