7 Surprising Perks of Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is growing in popularity as more individuals and businesses use the social media platform each day. Traditionally, Instagram was more for individuals to share photos with their followers but in recent years Instagram has become more friendly for business use, as well. With the recent growth of users and popularity, now’s a great time for businesses to utilize the power of Instagram in their social media marketing mix.

1. Extend Your Reach

By exposing your message to a new platform, you are more likely to reach more potential customers. Instagram is an effective way to do so since it is one of the most popular social media platforms. With over 1 billion active users, you have a huge potential to reach the masses with Instagram

2. Stay Relevant

Showcase your business through visual updates to keep your products in front of your followers. This can help you and your brand stay relevant in the market. It’s important to share new products and services with your customers and Instagram is a great way to do just that! Show off your business through photo or video updates on this visually driven social media platform.

3. Build Customer Relationships

Connect with your followers on a more personal level. Similar to other social media platforms, you can send direct messages or replies to customer comments on your posts. This is a proven way to build upon your business relationship with your current and future customers. It’s also a fun way to see who is sharing information about your product and support your followers in that way.

4. Learn What People Like

Instagram is hashtag driven which is a unique opportunity for businesses. You can search your business hashtag or other hashtags associated with your business and see what users are posting. This can give you some powerful insight as to what people are using your products and how. Not only is it pretty cool to see conversations stemming around your product, but this intel may also just drive the next big idea for your company.

5. Showcase Visual Aspects of Your Business

Instagram is all about visual content. In fact, you have to share a photo or video to even create a post on the platform. Your businesses posts can let loose a little and have fun showcasing your product or service in a photo or video. Instagram users love to see creative content and this is an effective way to showcase your brand.

6. View Performance Statistics

When Instagram launched the business account option, it integrated some powerful tools for businesses to utilize. Insights are one of the most popular ways to see how your account is performing. You can view a number of statistics about your posts, followers, and even see which posts are generating the most reaction. This information is huge for marketers and tweaking your marketing message to fit your need.

7. Grow Your Brand

When done right, businesses on Instagram can strengthen their brands. Instagram is a platform that can help you get creative with your message through unique images and videos, as well as unique written content. As mentioned before, hashtags are huge on Instagram and this is an effective way to grow your brand. Come up with unique hashtags that relate to your business and use them consistently to help develop and grow your brand on Instagram.

If Instagram isn’t a part of your marketing mix, consider adding this growing social media platform today. Don’t forget, our social media marketing company can help create and customize your business Instagram account. Contact MSW Interactive Designs to learn more about our social media marketing options and how we can help your business grow through social media.

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