5 Proven Ways to Get People to Sign Up For an E-newsletter

With many emails coming in on a regular basis, it can be tough to convince a new customer to subscribe to your newsletter and add to their growing inbox. With more and more popularity in the email marketing world, the competition for inbox space is pretty fierce. It's a problem many businesses face and we're here to help you jump that hurdle!

E-newsletters are an effective way to reach your current, past, and future clients. Email is also an important marketing strategy for many businesses. Gain traction with your subscriber list by putting the following suggestions into play with your email newsletter marketing techniques!

Ways to Grow Your E-newsletter List:

1) Make it Easy to Sign Up

Make sure people know that you have an e-newsletter they can subscribe to. The best way to do this is to place a signup form directly on your website. Ensure a clear call to action will help prompt website visitors to sign up.

2) Offer an Incentive

Offer something of value to everyone who signs up for your newsletter. Give a coupon, offer a discount on a service or provide them with helpful ideas centered around THEIR needs. For example, a real estate agent might send someone who signs up for their newsletter “Ten Tips to Help Stage Your Home.”  A potential subscriber is more likely to sign up when they see immediate value. After the initial subscribe, continue to offer valuable information to keep them.

3) Make an Effort to Gather Email

If it makes sense for your business, add gathering email to your checkout process. Have your front line team make an effort to gather email information for all clients. This will help you quickly grow your following of current customers who already trust your brand. Also, if you participate in trade shows or other events in which you have a booth, ask for emails at the event. You can even entice potential customers by doing a drawing for a prize from the emails you collect at the show.

4) Create an Exclusive Offer

People like to feel special and making email subscribers feel like they're getting an exclusive bonus for signing up can help improve your email sign up conversion. Offer special discounts, breaking product release alerts, etc. for your email subscribers.

5) Encourage Newsletter Sharing

Make it easy for your newsletter recipients to share the content you've provided. Many times someone will read about a new product/service and instantly have a connection who is in need. People like to help their friends and will be eager to share this helpful information. Ensure your newsletter is easy to forward or share on social media platforms.

Our internet marketing company helps a number of businesses customize, create, and grow their e-newsletters. This is an effective marketing technique and is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing options. Reach people who have purchased or are interested in purchasing from you on a regular basis with an e-newsletter!

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