How Much Time Do People Actually Spend on Social Media?

The amount of time spent on social media is on the rise. People look at social media all day on the phone and on desktop while at work. These devices help keep us connected with others and play a significant role in our daily lives. Have you ever wondered how much time people are actually spending on social media?

People are looking at social media for 142 minutes (over 2 hours) each day, and that time is going up every year! That's a big chunk of time and there are a few things your business should consider with that information:

Your Business Better Be There

People are spending a big portion of their free time on social media. Your business needs to have a social media presence to stay relevant and top of mind.

Your Message Better Be Spot On

Create social media content that is interesting and relevant to your business. People like to learn and what better place to do that than on social media -- that’s where they’re spending their time anyway. Inform your customers without a strong sales message. People like to buy but don’t like to be sold to.

Your Target Audience Should Be Accurate

Just being on social media is not enough. You'll want to target your message to better reach your ideal client. Think about that for a minute. Does your ideal customer have a specific age range, gender, demographic, etc.? Use this information to better narrow down your target audience to make sure your message is being seen by the right people -- the kind of clients you want to work with.

The Recent Shift in the Social Media World

The use of Facebook is actually declining while other platforms are recently seeing more action. At the moment, Facebook is still the king of social media, but others are quickly gaining traction in the social media industry. It's important your message is being spread across a variety of platforms to reach different viewers. Diversify your social media presence to optimize your message!

Key Take Away

People are spending more and more time on social media and it’s vital that your business has a presence. When your business is on social media, you’re being invited into the personal space of potential customers. Make sure your message is effective in converting viewers. And don’t forget to diversify your social media presence to help maximize your reach.

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