Why SSL & HTTPS Should Top Your Priority List

If your website isn’t currently using HTTPS protocol with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, getting one needs to jump to the top of your priority list. Having this added layer of security will make your visitors feel safe while looking at your website. Without this certificate, you may be losing visitors…they can see a “Not Secure” warning and then leave. Here are some reasons that an SSL certificate needs to be a top priority.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It’s essentially an additional and separate layer of protection that Google is forcing websites to use. An HTTPS protocol is required for any website that will be taking payment information, such as an e-commerce website. While this security layer is not required for all websites, it's a good idea with the recent changes in how Google is displaying this type of website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is a technology used to establish an encrypted link between your website server and a browser. This essentially tells your website visitors that they’re interacting with the proper server. Without it, a hacker could interfere and alter the page to gather personal information from your visitors. While SSL certificates don’t necessarily prevent an attack or distribution of malware, it encrypts the communication between the server and the user’s browser. It can also help improve your search ranking. Google is rewarding websites that use HTTPS and an SSL certificate.

What that Means for Your Website

With an SSL installed and HTTPS enabled for your website, the browser will display a padlock just before your URL. Without it, the browser will display a "Not secure" warning, and some browsers will force website visitors to agree to continue on to an unsecured site. Even if your site is safe and secure, the warning will show if you do not have HTTPS Protocol. This can scare visitors and cause them to leave your website. This certificate can also help establish your business as a trusted brand to website visitors.

Our website design company can help you with this important security measure by implementing HTTPS with an SSL certificate. We strongly recommend using HTTPS protocol and adding an SSL certificate to your website as soon as possible. We can help purchase and install the right security certificates for your specific website. If your website is lacking an SSL certificate -- or you aren't sure if you have one or not -- one of our MSW Interactive Designs rockstars can help!

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