Why Hashtags Are a Game Changer for Business Marketing

Hashtags are an effective social media marketing tool. It's a way for searchers to follow trends and other key phrases to help narrow down the topic in which they show interest. Hashtags have been around for a while but have predominantly been used on Twitter and Instagram. More recently, we've seen a shift in the hashtag landscape and more social media platforms are allowing - even welcoming hashtags.

Benefits of Using Hashtags on Social Media:

Get Found by Interested Searchers
A hashtag is a proven search tool that many internet users utilize. If your business comes up for a popular and relevant hashtag, you'll likely be easily found by people who are searching for a topic that pertains to your business.

Show Authority in the Industry
A hashtag can help brand your business and gain momentum in an online social setting.  This can help set you apart from your competition and give you a competitive advantage in the industry. A successful hashtag that showcases your business can help you stand out.

Increase Business Reach
Getting your message out is one of the main reasons businesses are on social media. The right hashtag (or hashtag combination) can help you reach more potential customers with your message. Create brand awareness for those who may not traditionally be targeted with your message through the use of hashtags.

Attract New People
With the use of hashtags, a wider range of people are more likely to see your message. Someone that may not have been in your traditional message target may come across your business via a hashtag. A memorable hashtag not only gains attention for your business, but it can also attract new customers that may have not found your business before.

Showcase Creativity
Using a hashtag specific for your business is an opportunity to have some fun and show your personality! Build excitement around your brand with a creative new hashtag. This can also help you set yourself apart from your competition. A creative hashtag can help you claim your place in your industry on social media.

Best Practices for Hashtag Use:

  • Keep it relevant - a trending hashtag may be tempting to use to gain quick exposure for your business, it's a fast way to turn followers off. 
  • Be consistent - once you find a great hashtag for your business, stick with it. 
  • Have fun with it - this is your opportunity to help your business stand out and show off your creative side. 
  • Don't overdo it -  too many hashtags can be counterproductive; it's best to find 3-7 solid hashtags for your business, depending on the industry. 
  • Localize the usage - add a location to your hashtag to better target your ideal customer, especially if you offer a location specific product or service. 

Hashtags are more popular now than they have been before in the online marketing world. When used correctly, a hashtag can help your business reach more people than it otherwise would. Our internet marketing company knows how impactful the right business hashtag can be and how it can help a business grow their marketing efforts.

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