Unique Ways to Use Video for Business

A video is an impactful way to reach people AND to capture their attention. It's one of the most underused marketing resources a business has. If you're not using video (and many businesses aren't), we urge you to start utilizing this effective tool to reach your potential customers!

The Statistics Don't Lie:

  • YouTube has over a billion users and makes up almost one-third of the total internet users. 
  • Over 500 million hours of video is viewed each day on YouTube. 
  • One-third of activity online is spent watching videos. 
  • The majority (92%) of videos viewed online are shared with others. 
  • Videos on social media generate 12 times as many shares than a text and image message. 
  • A viewer tends to retain a video message 95% more than reading text. 
(Stats from www.WordStream.com)

Unique Ways to Use Video:

It's obvious that video is important - but what does that mean for your business? Below you can find some unique and effective ways to share your message via video.

Showcase a Testimonial

If you get a rave review from a recent customer or client, ask them to video themselves giving the review. This can often lead to a more personalized testimonial and gives an opportunity to offer some humor that may be hard to convey with only text.

Answer FAQ's

Most businesses have a set of frequently asked questions they receive over and over. Start answering those questions via video! It's a fun way to offer a verbal response versus a text that most people will just glance over. A video answer to top questions asked to your business can actually help customers feel more comfortable with your business and maybe even prompt some unique questions about your product or service!

Provide Product Instruction

If you have a product or procedure that involves instruction, consider a video demo to help customers. Many people are visual learners and this is an effective way to meet the needs of your buyers. Also, it's a fun way to add some personal touches as you make additional contact with someone who has already made a purchase.

Feature An Employee

People like to do business with people they know. Even if a viewer sees someone on a video, they may feel more connected than simply reading an employee bio. Consider featuring your staff members and allowing them some creative freedom as they make a video all about themselves!

Show Off Culture

Many people will support a business that offers a culture they believe in. If you have a culture worth showing off - do it! Your customers like to see what happens in the day-to-day of your business! It can also help gain additional exposure for your business. You never know, you may just attract some new talent while you're at it!

Animate Your Content

Once you have an effective message, amp it up with the use of video! Gear your video toward the subject of your message. This strategy can offer a way to grab the attention of your followers so they are more receptive to your message.

Key Take Away:

The powerful tool of video is being underused. If your venture isn't using video to its full potential, now's the time to make a shift in your content creation. Our internet marketing company can help your business grow your video presence online! When using video for social media, remember it's "social". No perfect high-quality productions are required. Video is EASY and you likely have a quality video camera with you 24/7 -- your phone!

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