Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Find where your customers spend time and make sure your message is present on that platform. Online is where consumers spend a big chunk of their time. If your message isn't in front of them, you may be missing out big time! As our internet marketing company knows, an online presence is vital for all businesses. But just being online isn't enough -- you have to have a purpose with every message you put out there!

Have a strong website to send customers to. 

The center of your online presence is your website. It's the main hub for your message! Think about your user experience when working on your site. You want to create a place for your customers and future customers can easily navigate to find information about your business. Once you have your website where you want it, don't forget to make regular updates to it. Fresh new content is good -- feature a new product, add a recent testimonial, or swap out a new image of your product or service.

Maximize your exposure on multiple social media platforms. 

Facebook is the king of social media (for the time being) but that can change at any time. It's important to spread your message among other social media platforms. This strategy can help your message reach the most viewers possible. Each platform has a unique user and your message can touch a variety of viewer demographics by being on multiple channels.

Reach customers with regular email newsletters. 

If you collect customer emails (and we suggest you do), a newsletter is a great way to reach them! Many times you have email addresses for people who you've already done business with and this is a fantastic tool to reach them again with your message. Consumers like to do business with someone they've already had a positive experience with and you can feature other services they may be in need of!

Promote specials with regular SMS messages.

Reach your customers in a place they can't ignore - their phones. An astonishing 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes of sending. That's a QUICK way to reach your customers with your message. The key to a text is to keep it short and to the point. Get the message into the hands of your potential customers, fast!

Keep your message consistent and business information accurate.

With all these marketing platforms and online directory services available, it's important your message is consistent and that your business information is accurate across all platforms. A variance in information can impact your search results in a negative way and lead consumers to contact you in a way that isn't accurate. That's why it's vital to ensure your information is accurate across the board!

Give your business the best shot at great exposure by reaching your customers on a variety of platforms. It's an effective strategy to keep your brand top of mind and keep reminding consumers why you're the best! The key to reaching people on various platforms is to keep it consistent. Make an effort to send out regular messages on each platform your business utilizes to maximize your reach!

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