The Business Who Wins Is The One That's Top of Mind


But are they finding YOU and CHOOSING you over your competitors?

Let's face it, in today's world, consumers are in control. Sales people are not. They have searched on Google, gone to Facebook and Instagram, checked multiple review sites, and asked for validation on their choice from their friends. This is BEFORE they ever call a company.

If you've worked consistently on your search and social reach, they probably found you in the mix. The question is, are they choosing you in the slew of other worthy choices?

Make no mistake, your social media presence sends a message. The question is, what KIND of message?

Don't have a social media presence? 
That's a very loud and clear message.
The consumer thinks: What?? How can you not be on social media? That's where everyone is - that's where I am. Probably not a good company - they're probably afraid of what people will say about them.

Have a Facebook page, but don't do much with it? 
Yep, that's a message, too.
The consumer thinks: Hmm. They haven't posted in three months. There's no reviews. I wonder if they are still in business? Probably not a good choice. I'll keep searching.

Have a Facebook page, and post "buy from me" messages all the time?
There's a message here.
The consumer thinks: That's pretty annoying. Unfollow.

Consistency & Value Messages Win

In a newsfeed full of political rants, baby photos, food images, bad news, competitors' spammy sales messages, and other "junk", it's the consistent value messages that win and keep a business top of mind.

It's the messages that resonate with the prospective customer because they provide something relevant, timely, useful, humorous, or meaningful. Businesses who do this consistently and do it well are the ones who win in the online marketing arena.

Think about these value messages as small, consistent deposits in your online presence. This analogy comes from Jeffrey Gitomer, and has resonated with us since the first time we heard it. The deposits never go away, they earn online interest, and massively grow your social reach and influence over time. Ever heard of the power of compound interest? This is what you're building with great social media marketing.

Bottom Line Take Away 

David Arvin, Author of Visibility Marketing, articulates it best.
"You have to market to two different audiences consistenly: For the ones who know and like you, you need to increase frequency. For the ones who don't know you, it's all about awareness."

This is where the power of social media comes in. You can easily market to both effectively.

Businesses who understand that social media marketing is a commitment, not a campaign, are the ones who get the gold.

No time to do it on your own (the right way)?
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