What It’s Like to Work at MSW Interactive Designs

We're often asked, “What exactly DOES the MSW Team do on a daily basis?” If you are at the Lake of the Ozarks (where our local office is located), you probably see us out and about at different functions, participating in things like Leadership Camden County, showing up for weekly BNI meetings, attending business socials, and supporting charity events. We're super visible in the community, but it's rare to get a look into our daily work environment and culture.

So what is it really like to work with the MSW team? You don’t have to wonder any longer because we have decided to give you a sneak peek into the office life!

Hold onto your seats because you’re about to take a fun and (and possibly surprising) ride!

We Have a Casual & Creative Environment

It’s almost always casual Friday at the MSW office ... unless we have a scheduled meeting with a client, of course. Then we'll pull out the black slacks and don our MSW logo’d shirts.

While our deadlines and workload can be intense, we do work in a relaxing and laid back office environment that has an AMAZING view of the Lake of the Ozarks. We love that we get to enjoy this view every single day when we look up from our keyboards!  When we need a mental break every once in a while,  there's a deck with Adirondack chairs, making for a wonderful place to catch some fresh air. Oh and there’s always an ample supply of marketing fuel (aka coffee and coke) on hand.

Isn't this view to die for??? It's our daily inspiration!
The team has been known to stop for the occasional short yoga break!

There’s Always Food ... Always!

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there is always someone baking up a storm and bringing their goods to share. From chocolate chip cookies to fruit platters and random pizza Fridays, they keep us very well fed! Of course, we also try to keep it healthy every once in a while, so Sandy keeps some fruit at the ready so we can make good choices if we choose to.

Just a little pop-up pizza party action at the office!

We Have a Lot of Fun & We Give A Lot to the Community

The MSW Team is always busy with extracurricular community and educational activities.

Six of our team members have graduated from the Leadership Camden County class over the last three years, where they learned about the Camden County area and how county leadership functions. The culture here places a lot of value on personal development, so we're always looking for opportunities to have team members get involved.

From handing out peanuts to raise money for Kiwanis, being BIGS in the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Program, to serving on local advisory boards,  MSW offers the team more than 550 hours per year to support the local community... ON THE CLOCK! Owners, Sandy & Mike Waggett, lead by example, too. Sandy is the current President of the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Advisory Board for Lake Area BBBS, and Mike is on the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors, is a prior board member of the Community Foundation of the Lake, and was past President of our local Kiwanis club. They support just about every local charity in some way, whether playing in their golf tourneys, attending their fundraisers, or donating various services to help the charities get their messages out.

MSW team members delivered Gatorade and snacks to local first responders for the hot 4th of July holiday!

We also have epic Christmas parties, we dress up for Halloween, we take the crew out to the river for a float trip every summer, and there’s always random pizza and BBQ days in the office. You just never know what fun lies around the bend when you join the MSW team.

Our Christmas parties are unlike most company Christmas parties ... we enjoy a gourmet home-cooked meal and open gifts around Mike & Sandy's Christmas tree. We call it the MSW Platinum Elephant gift exchange ... except Mike & Sandy supply all the nice gifts!

The Halloween costumes are always a lot of fun!

And our annual float trip (on a work day) never disappoints!

It's Not All Fun & Games ... We Do Work Very, Very Hard!

We aren’t kidding. With dozens of websites going live monthly, our web designers are focused and constantly working hard to make sure that only the best is delivered to our clients on the web. Sherrie, one of our long-time team members who works from Virginia, is turning our client website updates around in record time on a daily basis (often within an hour of receiving the request)! Our social media team members aren’t just sitting around admiring the view, either! With over 120 social media clients (locally and nationally), our team cranks out great content at crazy fast speeds. In fact, the stats may surprise you! We’re producing at least 1,200 posts a month for our clients. All expertly written with great graphics, and strategies to help boost SEO. If that wasn’t impressive enough, every month there are approximately 400 original blogs written by our team. These are individually written for each client by our coordinators, and average 700 words apiece. That's over 14.5 MILLION words of unique content produced each year.

Of course, this doesn’t even include the Facebook video ads, e-newsletters, text messages, directory management, smart wi-fi, and smart visitor ID services that we offer.

We also do a "Wednesday Why"  as a team every few weeks. This is internal training on processes, goals, new technologies, new techniques, and more!

Our team works incredibly HARD. We love them (and love to reward them) for it! In fact, Mike and Sandy have been known to bring in Darin Puppel from Infinite Touch Integrative Therapies for surprise team chair massages!

We Have a Pretty Cool Team ... And We Love to Tell People About Them!

Speaking of our team, we believe they are pretty amazing. Not just amazing actually, they’re truly Rock Stars. This team not only works incredibly hard for our clients, they are always willing to help each other out when someone gets sick, overwhelmed (or even pregnant - yes, we have 4 MSW babies right now). We function like an all-star team on daily basis, and we care like a family 24/7. MSW Interactive Designs wouldn’t be the company that it is if we didn't have this team of caring, high-quality, and talented individuals. Interested in learning more about them? We have short bios about each of them on our website, along with longer individual bios here on our blog.

As with any business, we occasionally have team members who move on to new stages in their lives. The difference here is that we're like a family and former team members are always still considered to be part of the MSW family.

Know Someone That Might Be a Good Addition to the MSW Team?

This really only scratches the surface of what it's like to work here. Working for MSW can be a truly fun job. We bring on interns, we take trips, we invest in others, and we invest in each other. What more could you ask for in a career?

Do you think that the MSW team would be the perfect fit for you or someone you know? We love to get resumes from hard-working people who have a passion for helping small businesses grow. We're looking for great writers and content creators, designers, and web developers who think beyond the status quo. We take pride in keeping our clients top of mind and amplifying their visibility exponentially. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, check out our Culture Book first. If you think you'd be a great fit, let us know!  We love meeting great people ... even if we don't have an opening today, we regularly reach out to people who have contacted us first when an opportunity arises!

~ Laurel Leurquin, Creative Services Manager

Phone: 877-211-5492



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