Is Your Online Directory Presence Healthy?

Check the Health of Your Online Directory Presence

With today’s mobile and voice search capabilities, having your online directory presence complete and accurate is crucial if you want to be found. Most businesses have 80% + inaccuracies in their online directory listings. This not only impacts rankings, it can also impact consumer trust.

What Is An Online Directory?

An online directory is a website submission service that houses information (listings) for local businesses. It is searchable for consumers and major search engines. It can help build authority links back to your website, as well as build authority for your website. There are hundreds of online directories, but really only 75 or so authority directories. These are the ones you want to be in.

How Does It Impact My Business?

It’s important to have all information across all major directories accurate and uniform. If you don’t, the major search engines may recognize each of your listings as different businesses is the name, address, phone, and primary category aren’t the same on each. This, in turn, can impact your search engine rankings because your business authority is negatively impacted.

Additionally, it’s important to understand how search has changed over the past several years. Consumers have moved away from desktop Google searches. They are now searching on their smart phones and are not 100% reliant on Google as they have been in the past. Yes, Google still dominates search (even mobile), but now consumers are using voice search, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other apps to search for what they need. The data that’s returned in these searches comes from an aggregate of information across many major online directories, as well as search engines and reviews.

How Do I Know If My Online Directory Presence Is Healthy?

The easiest way to determine if your online directory presence is healthy is to run a scan with a trusted source.  Our free business directory scan will give you an idea of where you stand in the major directories. When you run the scan, you'll be able to instantly see how your most critical business data appears on across the web. The scan tool is free and you’ll find it on the home page of our website.

What If My Scan Shows Problems?

If your scan shows errors in your directory listings, you’ll want to print the list and get to work. You can manage most directory listings manually by visiting the website, finding your listing, and following the specific instructions for that site on how to edit and verify your listing. It can be a time consuming process for sure, but it’s important.

Make 2018 the year that you clean up your online directory presence. It will help your business get found more easily in mobile and voice search, and it will help improve your organic search engine rankings in Google.  If you need help, give us a call!  573-552-8403

~ Laurel Leurquin, Creative Services Manager

Phone: 877-211-5492


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