How to make your WiFi capture customer data?

Let's face it, these days most businesses offer WiFi and it is one of the first things a customer checks when they step in your doors.  Do you offer WiFi at your business? If you do, it's time to make your WiFi Smart!  MSW Interactive Designs can help you set up your Smart WiFi and start capturing customer data right away.  This technology is truly a game-changer for brick and mortar businesses!   

Smart WiFi is what your business needs in 2018 to grow your customer data base and help automate your online review reputation management process.  This amazing technology will set you apart from your competitors and help you grow your business.  

Let's start off explaining.....What is Smart WiFi?

Our Smart Wifi solution connects to your existing WiFi router to help gain customer data and automate your online review process.  If you currently have a WiFi router, this small box will connect to your existing system.  Our team at MSW Interactive Designs will set up your account with to start collecting customer data immediately and intercept reviews in real-time.  It really is that simple!

You may be asking yourself, "Why would I need this...I know my customers pretty well so why would I need to add this to my existing business plan?"

Great question!  

With our Smart Wifi solution, you will be able to intercept customer data collection 5X faster than asking them to complete several steps through your current online system, which automates the entire process.  Let's face it, the easier you make it for your customer's, the higher the chance they will give you their information.  Plus, everyone wants to use WiFi and most don't mind giving some information to be able to do so.  So what kind of customer data are we talking about? With our Smart WiFi solution you will know your customers' email, demographic information and visit behavior and it happens automatically through your own business branded login portal.  This portal will ask customers to enter their email or contact information in order to use your company WiFi and by doing so our Smart WiFi solution will obtain their information for you to get to know your customers even better.  

This portal will also intercept customer reviews with our Smart Wifi program after the customer leaves your business.  Our Smart WiFi solution gives you the power to manage your reputation in real-time, letting you point happy customers AUTOMATICALLY to some of the most popular review sites, while having a system to help automate interaction and notification of any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews on Facebook, Yelp, or Google.  Which means, MSW Interactive Designs can set up your account to automatically post any reviews that are 4 stars and better to your existing review sites.  All reviews 3 stars and under, you will be able to intercept and respond to the customer in real-time prior to it posting to any review sites.  

How we do this, is we can set up your account to send an automatic message to ask the customer to leave a review.  Once the review is completed, you can then manage that review as needed.  This is a great way to retain your current customer base and correct any issues that may arise, plus by doing this, your business will continue to grow on your online review sites.  This is a huge Win-Win for companies taking advantage of this new product!!!  By staying in touch with customers that leave reviews, you are also able to keep customers returning time and time again!  The Return On Investment (ROI) is inarguable with our Smart WiFi solution because you will get results that you can see for yourself.

Let's Get Started!  What's Next?

Now, that you are ready to get Smart Wifi, MSW Interactive Designs is ready to assist from start to finish on your set up.  The first step to getting Smart WiFi is setting up the ACCESS POINT.  Your Access Point is the hardware that connects to your current WiFi to make it “Smart” and capable of talking to the platform. It comes with instructions for installation, but if you aren’t tech-savvy, we are happy to send one of our partner IT company technicians over to assist with the setup.

The next step is the ACCOUNT SETUP & CUSTOMIZATION. We fully customize your account with branded landing pages for new user logins, returning visitor logins, positive review direction, negative review direction, as well as the automated email received by visitors after their visit. This ensures a seamless and professionally branded experience for your customers. 

After those two steps are complete, your Smart Wifi is ready to start collecting customer data.  MSW Interactive Designs is ready to help you with this new customer data collection solution. This game-changer program is extremely affordable and a powerful remarketing tool, contact us today for more information and pricing.  From start to finish we are ready to ensure your Smart WiFi meets your expectations!  
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