Thanksgiving Gifts for You and Your Business

An MSW Thanksgiving Thank You

2017 has been a year of reflection and redefining direction. As the owner of MSW Interactive, and frankly just as a human being seeking to be better, I've been doing more reading, listening to mentoring sessions, and have also had the fortune to become part of an incredible peer advisory group that challenges my thinking and ideas to help me better serve my clients and lead my team.

One of the AHA moments this year (after almost 20 years in business) was being asked to articulate my "Why". If you've never done it, I encourage you to try it. It's much harder than you might think. We all know WHAT we do and HOW we do it, but very few can articulate WHY they do it. I'll share our why at the end of this blog, but it ultimately came down to my simple and  deep desire to impact small businesses in a meaningful way.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's a very sincere holiday. It's a time to offer genuine thanks for all that is good in our lives. And make no mistake, you are at the top of my list. I know there aren't words beyond "thank you" that I can offer to show the depth of my gratitude for your business and your trust in MSW Interactive, but what I can do is offer something of value to you with zero strings attached.

As I thought about what to offer, it seemed fitting to share some of the incredible resources I've used this year and some hidden gems that I wish I would have known about years ago. These have nothing to do with your online presence or any services we provide. They are tools that may inspire growth in your business and in life, as they have in mine. Take what works for you ... discard the rest.

 It's my way to say, "thank you" ...  for being a client and a cool human being.
May the holidays bring you much joy and may 2018 shower you and your business with incredible success.

~ Sandy ~


Simon Sinek TED Talk on Finding Your Why

The first 10 minutes are worth every second. Find your "why". It will bring focus.

If you liked the video, get this book! Live and lead by your WHY for business and life success. It's amazing the clarity it brings.

One big idea presented in under 5 minutes (M-F) to level up your success and help you become #BetterEveryDay. It's 100% free.

"A Minute with Maxwell" offers daily coaching videos from the world’s #1 leadership authority. This is also free. Between my Darren Daily and my Minute with Maxwell, I get excited about the inspirations, insights, and new ideas each and every day that challenge my habits, assumptions, and processes.

Useful Tools & Apps

Beyond the inspirational, motivational, and coaching "stuff", there are some other resources that may have a substantial impact on your business and daily life by automating or systematizing some of the activities that can be tedious or forgotten (but necessary). Here are a few I rely on daily that you might find useful too!

Track your mileage automatically - IRS Approved App
Your accountant will probably thank you!

Get control of your receipts and all those business cards!

The Best Self Journal - what gets scheduled gets done. It's the first thing I do every morning (before checking email).

That's it for now! If you found this useful in any way, I'd love to know.

I'm happy to share more resources, tools, and inspirations throughout the year if you find them to be of value. Let's make it a great 2018!

The MSW Interactive Designs Why, How, and Mission

I've always known it deep down, but was never asked to articulate it outloud or in writing ... which is completely different. It's a powerful exercise to complete for your business and brings amazing clarity to who is your best customer and what you hope to accomplish for them. This was developed as a result of the exercises in the book, "Find Your Why."

What good is an incredible small business if no one knows about it? 

MSW Interactive Designs was founded to help small business owners achieve their dreams by helping connect them with customers who believe what they believe and want what they offer.

There are many ways for small business owners to connect, but the predominant way in today’s world is online.  That’s where we come in.

We design results-oriented websites for small business owners and we dramatically amplify their presence through social and mobile media to help them connect with like-minded customers.

It’s our mission to put small businesses in the palm of the customer and position them online in a way that the purchasing decision is a given at the time of need.


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