Put Text Messaging To Work For Your Business

Text message marketing (or SMS) is a powerful tactic that can be utilized to effectively marketing many different types of businesses. What makes it so powerful is its open rate of over 94% open rate, compared to standard email open rates of 5-15%.

Businesses that have seen success with text message marketing include (but are not limited to), retail shops, realtors, restaurants and bars, salons, and auto dealerships and repair centers.

Here we offer just a few creative ways that certain business sectors can put SMS text message marketing to work for their business!


There's a reason brands like Dollar General, RedBox, Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy (and many others) are using SMS text messaging as a marketing medium ... because it works! They alert customers about promotions and sales, as well send mobile coupons to virtualize special offers and deals. Try subscribing to a few brands to glean ideas off what's working from them and try incorporating those strategies into your retail business. As an example, text SAVE01 to 56457 to subscribe to Kohls alerts. You'll get an instant coupon right back!


Salons owners can use text message marketing not only for specials and coupons, but also for appointment reminders, targeted promotions in the form of loyalty programs, and also to fill empty slots. Since most text messages are read within the first three minutes, it's a powerful way to let customers know you have a cancellation so they can get in for that last minute cut, style, color, or wax!


A recent study examined 9,000 Quick Service Restaurant SMS marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of 125 clients over the span of one year. This study found that the average restaurant SMS marketing campaign had 791 SMS subscribers per location. With text message open rates around 94%, that’s a lot of customers reading each and every SMS marketing campaign you send. Mobile coupons, personalized loyalty offers, and real time specials or live music announcements just scratch the surface of what's possible.


89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research. (Src: National Association of REALTORS ®) This means home shoppers are mobile and it makes SMS Marketing highly effective for Realtors ®. Successful implementations include "text for info" campaigns on listing signs, price drop notifications, new listing notifications, links to video virtual tours, and open house notifications.


More often than not, customers prefer to walk dealership lots and shop for their next car without having a salesperson by their side. Many will even choose to visit your dealership after hours just to avoid the sales people. "Text for Info" campaigns are great for car dealerships because it allows customers to browse on their terms and request information when THEY want it! With every submission from the lot, a link to more information is sent back to the customer and the lead is forwarded to the customer relations manager.

Need Assistance With Your SMS Marketing Campaign?

We work with customers in each of these sectors, implementing successful text messaging campaigns. We provide the short code (number), the key word (or key words), and even send the campaigns out for you! And, it's much more affordable than you might think, as just 3 cents per outgoing message.

If you're interested in learning more, just reply to this email and let us know. Or feel free to call the office at 573-552-8403 and speak with one of our team members!

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