It's a Noisy, Noisy World!

The internet is one of the noisiest places out there. Getting your business message heard through the noise is one of the biggest challenges you have. You are competing against politics, sports, the weather, and other ads. The content you build, and the way you present it is critical to getting your message heard and staying “Top of Mind”. Our marketing team is here to offer some tips to help you cut through the noise!

1) Show people you are a “Rock Star”…don’t just tell them “I’m a Rock Star”

Saying “I’m the best, buy from me” does not cut it. You have to show on a consistent basis, that you ARE a Rock Star.  Build your content with your audience’s needs as your focal point.  What do your customers find interesting, helpful, relevant or illuminating?  That is what you need to build your content around.  People hate to be sold to, but they do like to buy!  If you provide value messages to your consumers, they will WANT to buy from you.

2) AMPLIFY your message

Your website is not enough. I’ve written on this many times…you have to have a robust and consistent internet strategy to amplify your message. Social media, newsletters, text messages, video content and more can all be used to boost and amplify YOUR unique selling proposition.  If you are not amplifying, you are getting drowned out in the noise.

3) People HATE ads – especially Millennials

Did you know that traditional TV viewers are leaving by the millions? Cable TV, Satellite, and other TV companies are losing several hundred thousands of subscribers each quarter.  Millennials, in particular, are unplugging from TV, and many don’t even own one.  They will do anything to avoid having to listen to more ad noise. This is why you shouldn’t “sell” anymore. Instead, provide value and useful information. Let others sing your praises.

4) Be patient

Cutting through the noise requires patience and consistency.  Getting your good message out through the noise takes time and energy.  Your goal is to stay top of mind.  I may not need your service today, but I may tomorrow.  If I see your company as a “Rock Star” due to your valuable content coming through the noise, I might just give you a call!

5) Stop interrupting

Don't force unwanted "salesy" messages into people's daily activities. It can get you unliked, unknown, and untrusted! It's all about providing USEFUL, INTERESTING content today. You know lots of stuff - share it!

6) Be real

Market to your fans in a way that doesn't FEEL like marketing. Offer great content, provide value, be transparent, and be real. "Fakers" can be spotted a mile away. Be uniquely you ... that's what makes you great!

Cut through the “Noise”

Show, amplify, offer value, and be patient (and consistent). This is what work’s online in today’s market. If you need assistance or have questions, our marketing team is here to help! Call 573-552-8403.
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