5 Benefits to Hiring a Social Media Management Company

Hiring an experienced social media agency can benefit your company greatly. You know the old saying, "work ON your business, not IN your business." Social media is one of those areas that many business owners attempt to do on their own, or worse yet ... have an inexperienced employee handle.

Social media works when there is a strategy and consistency. It works when it's executed well. However, it can be perilous for businesses that aren't skilled and educated about what content they posting and where they are getting that content. Trusting a social media agency to handle this not only ensures it is as effective as it can be, but it also frees you up to do things that you should be doing and helps protect you against potential copyright infringements. In this blog, we will give you 5 benefits to hiring a social media management company.

1. Out of the Box Thinking

Hiring an outside company to manage your social media can offer an outside perspective. An experienced social media company can market your business in a way that your customers can understand and are attracted to by producing valuable content and resources around your brand. 

2. Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

Executing page promotions with boosted posts on Facebook consistently can increase your engagement, which makes your presence and social reach continue to grow throughout the entire social media campaign. Agencies are well-trained in optimizing social media ads and boosts around very specific demographics. This ensures you get maximum bang for your buck.

3. Budget Friendly

Hiring a social media company can be cheaper than hiring an employee to handle your social media. In the case of our agency, for an average of only $75 per week, you couldn't hire someone to:

  • develop the creative, original content 
  • write on a consistent, predictable schedule (which your customers want)
  • execute high quality of social media posts
  • create images that don't put your company at risk of copyright violation
  • execute targeted post boosts and page ads around extremely specific demographics

4. Experience

Bringing in an experienced third party social media company can offer great insights to your organization, especially if you are new to social media. Your business will look polished and professional above your competition.

5. SEO Improving Techniques

There are specific social media strategies and techniques that can make a huge difference on how your site ranks on Google. An experienced social media company knows the tricks of the trade and can have a significant impact on what kind of website traffic you receive. 

Need an experienced social media company to help with your social marketing campaign? Call our office at 573-552-8403 for a free quote today. One of our friendly social media coordinators will walk you through the stress-free process of MSW Interactive Designs managing your social media.

~ Post by Krysti Rice, Social Media Coordinator

Phone: (573) 552-8403



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