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It's a Noisy, Noisy World!

The internet is one of the noisiest places out there. Getting your business message heard through the noise is one of the biggest challenges you have. You are competing against politics, sports, the weather, and other ads. The content you build, and the way you present it is critical to getting your message heard and staying “Top of Mind”. Our marketing team is here to offer some tips to help you cut through the noise!

1)Show people you are a “Rock Star”…don’t just tell them “I’m a Rock Star”Saying “I’m the best, buy from me” does not cut it. You have to show on a consistent basis, that you ARE a Rock Star.  Build your content with your audience’s needs as your focal point.  What do your customers find interesting, helpful, relevant or illuminating?  That is what you need to build your content around.  People hate to be sold to, but they do like to buy!  If you provide value messages to your consumers, they will WANT to buy from you.

2)AMPLIFY your messageYour website is not enough. I’v…

Raving Reviews about MSW Interactive Designs

MSW Interactive Designs has had the pleasure of providing ongoing support, creating fabulous custom design websites, and keeping our clients top of mind since 1999. Our internet marketing team has worked as hard as we possibly can for each and every client. Throughout this wonderful journey, we have been able to meet some great people and there's a reason our FIRST client from 1999 is STILL our client today. In this blog, we are happy to share some raving reviews we've received from loyal clients over the years.

Raving Reviews!I have had the pleasure of working with MSW Interactive Design for over 13 years now. I originally met and started working with them when they were a local company and I have continued our relationship even though they relocated many years ago. The fact that they are in a different part of the country has not made any difference at all in the service I receive. I have always expected more personal service from my vendors and they have never let me down. S…

5 Benefits to Hiring a Social Media Management Company

Hiring an experienced social media agency can benefit your company greatly. You know the old saying, "work ON your business, not IN your business." Social media is one of those areas that many business owners attempt to do on their own, or worse yet ... have an inexperienced employee handle.
Social media works when there is a strategy and consistency. It works when it's executed well. However, it can be perilous for businesses that aren't skilled and educated about what content they posting and where they are getting that content. Trusting a social media agency to handle this not only ensures it is as effective as it can be, but it also frees you up to do things that you should be doing and helps protect you against potential copyright infringements. In this blog, we will give you 5 benefits to hiring a social media management company.

1. Out of the Box Thinking
Hiring an outside company to manage your social media can offer an outside perspective. An experienced social…

GET TO KNOW US - Meet Rebbecah Sansom

We are continuing our blog series, Get To Know Us, this week! In previous blogs, MSW Interactive Designs has had the pleasure to introduce you to owners Mike and Sandy Waggett, Keith Lucas, Erin Burdette, Deanna Rogers Powell, Kristina Keeling, and Karen Horsman. This week, we are introducing one of our rock star, social media coordinators, Rebbecah Sansom.

Q. What brought you to the Lake of the Ozarks? 
A.I moved to the Lake of the Ozarks area in 2006 after graduating high school to be closer to family. Between then and now, I made several moves to many different places for college and to just experience different aspects of my life, but I always found my way back to the Lake because it just felt like home. 

Q.How did you get started in the internet marketing field? A.It was completely by chance. I dabbled very little in the internet marketing field in my previous jobs. My career path for the last 10 years was focused on property management and real estate, and I just felt that I needed…