5 Tips for Handling Disgruntled Facebook Fans

If you're a busy business owner with a successful business, it's important to understand how to properly deal with public relations issues. Today, everyone is able to have a public voice through social media. Our experienced social media team is happy to offer 5 tips that will help you when dealing with unhappy customers that are posting negative comments on your business Facebook page. There are two types of consumer complaints on Facebook.
  • Loyal Consumers - These are Facebook fans who are complaining on your Facebook page because they actually want their problem solved. 
  • Attention Seekers - These are Facebook fans who simply want to be heard. They will make negative comments with the goal of making their thoughts known. They don't care how there problem is handled, they just want attention.

1. Respond publicly.

It is vital that you respond to negative messages publicly. Failure to do this can make it seem like you're ignoring your customers. People view Facebook as a forum for customer service now, they expect to be responded too. This is a chance to show your customers how your problem solve.

2. Be understanding.

Don't focus on who to blame for the problem. Understand that a simple public apology can go a long way. Focus on transforming an unhappy customer to a loyal customer by simply making their experience better. It will pay off in the long run.

3. Direct the conversation to a private message.

While it's best to apologize publically, try to direct the conversation to a more private form. The goal is to extend something that signifies your apology. Whether you choose to give out the manager's phone number or a free gift card to invite them back for a better experience, you'll want to do that privately. Trying this publically will give customers the idea that they can just complain to get free stuff and you don't want that!

4. Let your other fans and community respond.

Allowing your community to respond is really an end step. If you've already built a loyal group of customers, they most likely will disagree with the negative comment the initial customer has made. Allow them to stand up for you business.

5. Delete the comment as a last resort or if absolutely necessary. 

There are times where deleting a comment is necessary. If the Facebook fan is making:

  • inappropriate comment toward your employees
  • threatening comments
  • hostile statements
  • cursing repeatedly

...then it may be necessary to delete the comment. Your employees don't deserve verbal abuse and there's no shame in banning someone from your page if they are harassing. In order to ban someone, in a situation like this, you will need to:

1. Click settings at the top of the page.
2. Click people and other page in the left column.
3. Search for the person or click  the box next to their name.
4. Select the setting gear and  click ban from page.
5. Confirm.

We only suggest this as a last resort or if absolutely necessary. If someone is an active argument starter on your Facebook page and doesn't respond to any of your attempts to resolve their problem, deleting their comment and/or banning them from your page is a last resort option.

Our social media team is here for you. If you ever need suggestions on how to deal with upset customers on Facebook, feel free to give us a call at 573-552-8403. In the meantime, enjoy your business social media. It can be a source of good leads and great customer reviews!

~ Post by Krysti Rice, Social Media Coordinator

Phone: (573) 552-8403



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