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It's time to get to know your internet marketing team a little bit better!

We pride ourselves on cultivating a team of rock stars - a group of hardworking individuals who are dedicated to our clients' continued internet marketing success. We hire the BEST. In order to help you better get to know our team of internet marketers at the Lake of the Ozarks, we're currently in the middle of a "meet the team" blog series. This week, we're continuing the conversation by introducing you to our social media coordinator and on-staff photographer, Deanna Powell.

Q:  What brought you to the Lake of the Ozarks?
A:  I grew up in Eldon, MO, just a few minutes away from the Lake. My family and I moved away for a little while, but we came back so the kids could grow up near their grandparents and the rest of the family. 

Q:  How did you get started in the internet marketing field?
A:  I worked in restaurants for years because it offered a flexible schedule so that I could attend all my kids' multiple activities. Trying to get away from that as they got older, I began my own wedding and event planning business, Events DEE-signed. When I saw that MSW was hiring for a social media coordinator, it sounded like a nice change of pace. Even though I had no training in the field, Mike and Sandy must have liked what I had done for my own business on social media and saw some potential. 

Q:  What do you like most about your job?
A:  The fun and talented people that I work with!! It's truly a team at MSW, and if you are ever having a hard day, someone is always there to help you catch back up and get those creative juices flowing. Also, I love costumes, and these people seem to love an excuse to dress up as much as I do!! (If you follow MSW on social media, you've probably already seen this for yourself!) 

As far as the job itself, I love learning all kinds of random facts about a variety of different businesses from writing the blogs for them, and I LOVE the fact that Mike and Sandy have allowed me to start taking photos for customers. Photography is my happy place.

Q:  What's your favorite thing to do when you're not at work?
A:  I'm always up for an adventure or the chance to try something new. I love playing board games, and I'm a huge comic book geek.

Q:  Who's your family?
A:  I have three amazing, grown-up children. Amber is 25 and a ceramics engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Alora is 22 and currently works in Colorado Springs, Colorado (I haven't gotten to visit her yet, but I'm really looking forward to seeing that area for the first time!) Addam is 20 and the only one still at home, but he plans to move to Cincinnati too once he finishes college classes to attend art school. I have been dating a wonderful man for many years now, Mike, and he has two sweet girls of his own to add to my clan: Mira, age 8, and Creason, age 16.

Q:  What did you want to be when you grew up?
A:  A famous pop singer and Broadway star!! I went to the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri in Kansas City for one year as a vocal performance major. I took a break to have kids, and never made it back to finish that degree, but I did get to work as a singing cocktail waitress in a few different spots around the Lake Area. That was a blast!!

Q:  What's something that very few people know about you?
A:  Probably the comic geek thing. I have well over 1,900 comic books collected, and Wonder Woman is my absolute favorite. 3.5 of my 14 boxes full of comics are all Wonder Woman titles.

Q:  What's on your bucket list?
A:  I would love to visit Ireland someday, but getting to see a lot of different places in and outside of the United States would be incredible. The Lake of the Ozarks is gorgeous, but I want to see what other experiences are out there waiting.

Q:  What is your favorite social media platform and why?
A:  Since I enjoy photography so much, Instagram is the one that I love using the most. It's got tons of pictures to look at, and because of the hashtagging, you reach interesting groups of people that you might not on a more personal sight, like Facebook, where you don't want to accept friend requests from strangers.  

Q:  Who inspires you?
A:  My family, who has always supported and encouraged me my entire life, no matter what. My guy, Mike, because he never lets anything stress him out, and I desperately need to learn that trait. Slowly but surely, it's rubbing off on me a little at a time.  

Check Back Next Month To Meet Another One Of Our Social Media Coordinators, Laurel Leurquin!

We'll continue our "get to know us" series next month with another one of our Social Media Coordinators, Laurel Leurquin. In the meantime, keep watching our blog for weekly insights into the world of internet marketing for small businesses
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