Get Mobile For 2017

The world is going mobile. Is your business keeping up?

Much of today's workforce (and consumer base) spends less time at traditional desks and more time working from home, working while traveling by cars and airplanes, and possibly even working a few hours while taking family vacations or simple trips to the park. Just as they are able to keep up with their jobs from these varied locations, they expect to be able to surf the web and browse social media in their spare moments. Will they find your business while they're there?

Mobile Stats

Before we delve into the how you can build a mobile presence for your business, we want to illustrate exactly how important this presence is. Consider the following statistics from SmartInsights:
  • 80% of internet searches are performed from a smartphone.
  • 97% of Millennials use mobile devices.
  • 20% of Millennials don't use desktop devices at all.
  • 48% of consumers begin their mobile research in a search engine.
ExpressPigeon also found that over half of all people who own a smartphone reach for their phones immediately after waking up in the morning. It's important to note that this particular statistic is from 2014 - we're willing to bet that the percentage has increased since then.

Establishing A Mobile Presence For Your Business

The number of mobile users has officially surpassed the number of desktop users (source: SmartInsights), and we highly doubt that the scales will ever tip in the opposite direction again. In recognition of the wide use of mobile devices, Google has announced that they will be splitting their search results into two indexes: a mobile version and a desktop version. Since mobile searches are more common, these search results will be updated more frequently than desktop searches.

In order to ensure our clients maintain a successful online presence, our goal is to get all of our clients mobile-ready in 2017. There are three key ways we can help you establish a mobile presence for your business: responsive websites, stand-alone mobile websites, and social media.

Responsive Websites
When constructing or redesigning a website, we have the option of building a responsive design. A responsive website will automatically scale to fit the size of the screen on the device being used, whether that device is a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Because they adjust their displays automatically, Google considers responsive websites to be mobile-friendly and will rank them in mobile searches.

Stand-Alone Mobile Websites
The potential downside to responsive websites is that because they adjust automatically, it is difficult (and often impossible) to predict or control exactly how they will be displayed on different devices. For this reason, some people elect to build two versions of their websites: a desktop site and a stand-alone mobile site. In these cases, a small piece of code is embedded into the desktop site that automatically detects when a user is on mobile device and sends her to the mobile-formatted version.

Social Media
In addition to building a mobile-friendly website, we encourage all businesses to establish a presence on social media. All social media profiles display well on mobile devices automatically, making it easy for mobile consumers to contact you and view your company information. Social media also allows users to connect and engage with your brand, which develops loyalty and trust.

Let Us Help You Get Mobile In 2017!

MSW Interactive Designs, LLC would be honored to help propel your company into the mobile world in 2017. We offer responsive website design, stand-alone mobile website construction, and social media setup and engagement services at prices that make sense for small businesses. For more information about our website design and internet marketing services, visit us at

~ Post by Bailey Puppel, Internet Marketing Specialist
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