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The Power Of Pictures - 5 Quick Stats

When it comes to social media and content marketing, creating great content is only half the battle - you have to get people to see the content in order for it to benefit your business. Paying to promote your posts on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to get started, but your ultimate goal should be to get people toshare your content.

The number of views a given post gets increases exponentially as people share it. Getting people to share your content is sometimes easier said than done, but your friends at MSW Interactive Designs are here to help.

How Can You Get People To Share Your Content?

Creating interesting, relevant, shareable content is the ultimate goal of every content marketer. Writing high-quality content that is free of typos and grammatical errors is an essential baseline, but there are additional strategies you can use to make readers more likely to share your content. Using the right ratio of eye-catching graphics, for example, is a particularly powerful strategy.

How Man…

GET TO KNOW US - Meet Sandy Waggett

It's time to get to know your internet marketing team a little bit better! 

At MSW Interactive Designs, we deeply value our clients' trust and make a point of earning it on an ongoing basis. We know that an important part of earning that trust involves taking the time to get to know our clients, and allowing our clients to get to know us in return. Over the next few months, we will be using our blogs to introduce our team members in detail so you can get to know our internet marketing professionals just a little bit better. This week, we're kicking it off with none other than the woman who started it all - Owner Sandy Waggett!

Q:  What brought you to the Lake of the Ozarks?
A:  My husband, Mike, retired from the US Air Force after 24 years of service and asked where I wanted to go. My parents divorced when I was three and my entire life I never lived near my dad. I chose the Lake because he was here and my mom was living in nearby St. Louis. My dad passed away three short yea…

Enhancing Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy ~ 9 Tips

With over 72.5 million users, Pinterest is a goldmine for businesses looking to reach more customers. By maintaining an active business account, you can promote your products and services to users all around the States (and even internationally). When used correctly, Pinterest can be an incredibly effective marketing element in your social media tool belt. This week, your friends at MSW Interactive Designs, LLC are here to help you up your Pinterest game.

How Pinterest Works

Before we examine which strategies can help you improve your Pinterest presence, it's important to make sure you understand how Pinterest works. Essentially, Pinterest is an online bulletin board. Users can create multiple boards and pin content that they find interesting, funny, or valuable to their boards. Every time a user pins something to a board, it shows up in their followers' feeds.

It is an ideal platform for sharing content, as content on Pinterest tends to stay in feeds for about a month after it i…

Could NOT Using Social Media Be HURTING Your Business?

Smart phones, tablets, smart watches, PCs, smart TVs, gaming consoles... We live in a world where practically any device can access the internet. According to a report by GlobalWebIndex, most people spend more than 6 hours a day online. Of that time, 1.72 hours is spent on social media networks. This means that browsing social media makes up almost 30% of the time consumers spend online.

Yet despite these staggering statistics, there are several business owners out there who have not yet embraced social media marketing. Unfortunately, what these business owners may not realize is that neglecting to maintain a social media presence may actually hurt your business. Keep reading to find out what we mean.

7 Reasons Why Not Being On Social Media Is Bad For Business

1. Your Customers Expect You To Be There.
According to a report issued by Social Media Examiner, 93% of marketers are using Facebookand 66% of marketers plan to increase their use of Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With so many busi…