Top of Mind: Business Social Media

"Social Media presents an opportunity for business people to connect and know each other prior to a phone call or email taking place." - Jeffrey Gitomer 

Social media is by far the least expensive way to get and stay at "Top of Mind" with customers and clients. Studies show that sales conversion rates from social media are higher than with traditional marketing. Social media dramatically extends your reach and exposure to a wide range of demographics. One of the most important reasons to use social media for business though, is that Google tells you to do it! Your website search engine rankings can improve dramatically when you leverage a strategic social media marketing campaign.

Business Social Media Goals

  • Highlight in depth your unique selling propositions
  • Improve the search engine ranking key terms/searches for the company's website 
  • Generate interest in your services via deep, relevant, interesting content posted often across several social media channels
  • Expand your reach by engaging potential clients
  • Educate your fans/followers on your unique approach, why you are the best, client testimonials, industry news, tips, answers to FAQs, human interest stories about your team, events in your area, community service you do, any awards, etc. 
  • Build brand recognition and establish your company as the best in your area 
  • Drive traffic to your website 

Social Media Tips & Tricks

1. Content is Everything! - It's called "social" media for a reason. People will follow you if you give them value. You have to think like your clients think. Put out content that your clients will like. Funny, informative, interesting, relevant, intriguing, visual content equals good content.

"...content that educates, entertains, makes people think or laugh, or in some way adds value to them." - Kim Garst 

2. Make It Personal. - Share stories. Share what your team is up to. Share business photos - yes, even fun ones! Use social media to build the relationship first, not to sell, sell, sell. Effective brand building shows personality, not "sales" messages!

3. Video is Huge! - In the 4th quarter of 2015, Facebook reported that 100 million hours of video are being watched daily! Video Tricks: Upload your video directly to Facebook to gain more organic (free) reach; Use call to action "text" overlays to get people to click, listen, and watch; If you boost a video, use ad manager to take advantage of advanced targeting. If you don't have actual video, you can use a program like to build videos from photos.

4. Use Inspirational Quotes & Photos. - Photos account for 93% of the most engaging posts. They get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, 84% more click-thrus than text-based posts. Photo Tricks: Use a photo editing program like or to add text to images; Brand every photo with your logo; Buy a subscription to a stock image library. Trust us, you do not want to use images found on Google!

5. Get Blogging. - This goes back to the content tip - a blog is a great way to provide more value. Post about your blog content on social media; Facebook gives more organic reach to this kind of content. It's a great way to get your expanded content in front of a lot of people. Include a back story when sharing your blog and always use a graphic with your blog title on it. 

6. More Tips! - Share your expertise! Showcase your fans/customers! Use national days/months. Remember when with #TBT. Try a caption this photo post. Host a contest. Ask a question. Acknowledge holidays. Offer social media exclusives.

Start a Social Media Campaign Today! 

Business social media works! Don't just "set it and forget it." Remember the goals, and monitor your progress as you work to achieve them. If you need help getting an effective social media marketing campaign running, MSW Interactive Designs can help! We have the expertise and experience with SEO, social media and website design at the Lake of the Ozarks. We are helping 80+ social media clients locally, nationally & internationally engage on social media. We are affordable and cheaper than hiring another employee to do it for you. We get results - just ask our clients!

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