Top of Search: A Peek at Google's Algorithm

Tips, Tricks & Lessons Learned for Google Success

Search engine optimization involves more than just your website. Your entire online presence can have an affect on where Google ranks your website. Good social media and blogging can also drive traffic to your business website. Compelling images and valuable content keep the customer engaged longer. Let's dig a little deeper into the Google algorithm and take a look at some other SEO factors.

SEO is not a quick fix. 

Results in search engine ranking take time. Keep in mind that your competition is trying to rank too.  If someone guarantees you a #1 ranking, run away, fast! The Google algorithm is evolving and ever changing. There are so many factors involved, and no one knows what ALL of them are. Some factors matter now, some mattered yesterday. Some may matter tomorrow and some may matter more than others. In addition, some of the factors that may matter to Bing, don't matter to Google and vice versa.

Domain Factors 

Top factors regarding your domain include:
  • Domain Age 
  • Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain 
  • Keyword as First Word in Domain 
Other factors include:
  • Domain Registration Length 
  • Domain History 
  • Exact Match Domain 
  • Pubic vs Private WhoIs
  • Penalized WhoIs Owner 

Page Level Factors

Top page-level factors include:
  • Keyword in Title Tag 
  • Title Tag Starts with Keyword 
  • Keyword in Description Tag 
  • Keyword Appears in H1 Tag 
  • Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document 
  • Content Length 
  • Keyword Density 
  • Content Quality 
  • User Friendly Layout 
  • Useful Content 
 Other factors include:
  • Page Loading Speed 
  • Duplicate Content
  • Image Optimization 
  • Recency of Content Updates
  • Magnitude of Content Updates 
  • Historical Page Updates 
  • Keyword Prominenece
  • Keyword in H2, H3 Tags
  • Keyword Word Order
  • Outbound Link Quality 
  • Outbound Link Theme 
  • Too Many Outbound Links 
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Syndicated Content 
  • Helpful Supplementary Content 
  • Number of Outbound Links
  • Number of Internal Links Pointing to Page 
  • Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page 
  • Broken Links 
  • Bullets and Numbered Lists 
  • Multimedia
  • Quantity of Other Keywords Page Ranks For 
  • Page Age 

Site Level Factors 

Site level factors include:
  • Content Provides Value and Unique Insights
  • Contact Info 
  • Site Structure
  • Site Updates 
  • Number of Pages
  • Presence of Sitemap 
  • Site Uptime
  • SSL Certificate 
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Pages 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Mobile Optimized 
  • YouTube 
  • Site Usability 
  • Use of Google Analytics
  • User Reviews / Site Reputation 

Backlink Factors 

Backlink factors include:
  • Linking Domain Age
  • # of Linking Root Domains
  • # of Linking Pages 
  • Authority of Linking Page 
  • Social Shares 
  • Nofollow Links 
  • Chamber or CVB

User Interaction

User interaction also factors in:
  • Organic Click Through Rate 
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Dwell Time 
  • Direct Traffic 
  • Repeat Traffic 
  • Social Reach 

As you can see, there are A LOT of factors that affect your search engine rankings. The easiest way to make sure you're doing everything right in regards to SEO is to seek professional help from a Lake of the Ozarks internet marketing company. Create an action plan by determining what your audience is looking for. Then examine your website carefully. Is it mobile-friendly? Do I have calls to action? Am I providing fresh content? In order to stay top of search, you have to realize that your website is never "done." There are always things you can be doing to improve your online content, and that includes doing social media! MSW Interactive Designs is here to help you with all your online marketing needs - give us a call at 573-552-8403 for more information.

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