A Business Website is No Longer Enough

Most businesses have invested in some sort of a website and understand the importance of a basic internet presence. However, with the growth of business social media, proliferation of smart devices (phones and tablets), as well as other internet marketing apps and tools, a basic business website is no longer enough. To have a truly effective online presence, your business should consider investing in the following for 2016.

Business Social Media - Stay Top of Mind and Top of Search 

While your website is center of your digital marketing efforts, you should build a circle of social media channels around your website and post often on all of these channels. Posting quality, relevant, interesting content will generate several good things for you:
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your business
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Find customers that you did not know existed
  • Stay top of mind for potential customers when they are ready to buy
Want one more reason to do social media? Your COMPETITORS are doing it!

Go Mobile - Be Accessible Any Time, Anywhere

According to eMarketer.com, the adult internet user in the USA spends 5.6 hours per day using digital media. Over 1/2 use a mobile device versus a desktop to view information. That means that the majority of people are viewing your website on a smart phone or tablet. If you don't have a mobile friendly version of your website, get one YESTERDAY! Mobile friendly websites can either be a "responsive" design or a stand-alone site depending on how you want to portray your business information. Responsive sites display everything from your site (mobile users likely don't need "everything"), where a dedicated mobile site is truly designed for the mobile experience... fast simple, and easy to navigate. Keep in mind that mobile users are also searching on their mobile device, so mobile search engine optimization should also be included with your mobile friendly website.

E-Newsletters - Be Present In Your Customer's Inbox 

Email marketing is still a powerful tool in your digital media tool kit. Gone are the Wild West days of mass emails with strictly "sell" messages. Anti-spam laws, low open rates and low conversion rates mean that these types of mass emails were not effective. You can find success, however, if you do a few things a bit differently. Using Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or another e-newsletter platform will allow you to comply with anti-spam laws, build very branded/professional templates, and have insights on open rates and conversion. Offer great content and value with your newsletters versus "I'm the best, buy from me." GIVE real value and you will GET more sales.

If MSW Interactive Designs can answer any of your questions on how to dramatically improve your internet presence beyond just your website, give us a call at 573-552-8403. We have been in the internet business since 1999 and our Lake of the Ozarks internet marketing team continually stays abreast of the best ways to maximize the results for every dollar spent on internet marketing. 

~ Sandy Waggett, Owner

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