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Internet Marketing Trends for 2016

Another year has passed and the team at MSW Interactive Designs has identified some trends you should keep an eye on for your business internet marketing. As we said in our previous blog, your website is no longer enough for you to stay on top and these trends seem to back up our thinking!

1) Mobile will dominate the market and your desktop. 
Google is paying much more attention to mobile searches than it ever has. In fact, according to Google, a mobile version of your website is “perfectly acceptable” and an optimized desktop website may not be needed. We still think a great looking, properly optimized desktop website is needed, but you can’t ignore the direction Google is giving us. Get a mobile optimized site for 2016 if you don’t already have one.

2) Facebook is still the King of Social Media.
According to, Facebook users will rise to 161 MILLION in 2016 and continue to rise to 172 Million by 2019. That’s a lot of potential customers. Facebook is also at the to…

A Business Website is No Longer Enough

Most businesses have invested in some sort of a website and understand the importance of a basic internet presence. However, with the growth of business social media, proliferation of smart devices (phones and tablets), as well as other internet marketing apps and tools, a basic business website is no longer enough. To have a truly effective online presence, your business should consider investing in the following for 2016.

Business Social Media - Stay Top of Mind and Top of Search 
While your website is center of your digital marketing efforts, you should build a circle of social media channels around your website and post often on all of these channels. Posting quality, relevant, interesting content will generate several good things for you:
Drive traffic to your websiteEstablish yourself as an expert in your businessImprove your search engine rankingsFind customers that you did not know existedStay top of mind for potential customers when they are ready to buy Want one more reason t…

Memorable Marketing

How to Make Your Business Stand Out 
Let's face it, competition is just part of business. You have to constantly compete for attention and respect, and ultimately for your consumer's dollars. In a sea of seemingly perfect apples, how can you position yourself as the best of the bunch? MSW Interactive Designs is here to help you make your business stand out through memorable marketing!

1. How are You "More Value"
Think about your last vacation. Why did you pick a certain restaurant or attraction? I recently took my family to Destin, FL, which has a ton of restaurants. One stood above the rest as a really fun, family restaurant. It was no longer a restaurant, it was a can't miss attraction. this restaurant had bold advertising a great website that showed other families having a blast, and we made it a "must do" on our trip.

2. Be Memorable in Your Advertising
Insurance Agency A has the typical ad with a happy family, a list of services and their logo. A…