Are You Focusing on the Right Keywords?

Transitioning to Long-Tail Keywords

When the internet first came about, determining the best keywords to use was based on three different qualities: relevance, search volume and competitiveness. However, the internet has changed a lot over the years and continues to change daily in size and also how people are searching. Your potential customers are now using what is known as "natural language search." While those original three qualities are still extremely important, finding the right keywords has become a little more complex. With over 900 million websites in existence and more people focusing on SEO, the internet marketing landscape has become incredibly more competitive.

Natural Language Search 

Mainly due to the increase of mobile search, with the ability of speaking your search into your phone, people have changed the way they phrase their searches. For example, in the past people would search for "website designer Lake of the Ozarks" and now they might search for "Who designs websites at Lake of the Ozarks" or "What's the best website design company at Lake of the Ozarks?" This new phrasing is called natural language search. The rise in this type of search has lead to a need for longer keyword phrases. Short, generic keywords still dominate in generating a lot of traffic, but the trend in moving downward. 

Changing Keyword Strategy 

In 2015, targeting these conversational searches to capture users' actual search intent will become crucial if you want to rank well. Rather than looking for individual words as in the past, Google has transitioned to taking context into consideration. The meaning of the words and how they are used together is now more important than the actual words themselves. Google's algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated, evaluating searches based more on user-intent and less on the specific keywords that are used. For this reason, the need to transition to long-tail keywords is important.

Long-Tail Keywords

The concept behind long-tail keywords is quality over quantity. Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific phrases that consumers are more likely to use when they're ready to make a purchase. They've already done their research and they know what they want. These more specific terms will be less competitive and generate a smaller amount of higher-quality leads. Strengthen your SEO efforts by incorporating long-tail keywords into your strategy.

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