Leveraging YouTube for Your Business

YouTube has become one of the most widely used search platforms, with more than 3 billion searches each month. Currently more than 1 billion users watch hundreds of millions of hours each day. YouTube is where its at! So how can you use YouTube for your business? Here are a few business video ideas from MSW Interactive Designs:

1. Feature Behind the Scenes Footage.

Show people where you work and what you do on a normal working day. For businesses such as factories or restaurants, people will love to see behind the scenes footage of how your business runs. Showing people that your office or workplace is full of normal, hard-working people can make your business more personable.

2. Showcase Client Testimonials.

Testimonials are a great way to positive information about your business out there. Many people rely on testimonials from other consumers to decide whether or not they are going to buy your service or product. Videos are a great way to showcase some of these 5-star testimonials. Unlike written reviews, video allows your prospects to actually see how the person feels about your business. These videos do not have to be anything elaborate, just a simple 1-minute or less video shot with a cell phone will do.

3. Answer FAQs.

While you could and probably should have a list of frequently asked questions on your website. However, a video is another way to enhance these questions and answers. YouTube allows you as a business owner to get out there and show everyone that you are the expert in your field and you know what you are talking about. You can even ask for question submissions from followers to get them involved and also to get more content to post!

4. Present Employee Bios.

Whether it's with a famous celebrity or the chef at a favorite local restaurant, people like interviews! People want to know who they are working with or buying something from. Employee interviews are a great way to gain trust with your prospective customers. Allowing your customers to know more about the owners, managers and other staff will also make your business more personable.

5. Create a Picture Collage.

If you're not sure about shooting actual footage of your business, there are other ways you can still use YouTube for your advantage. There are many programs out there, such as Animoto, that allow you to create video with still images. If you have some great photos of your business, product, employees, etc. you can upload them, add some music and ta-da you have something to put on YouTube!

Utilizing YouTube can increase brand awareness and help with your search engine optimization. The social media engagement packages from MSW feature Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest, where it makes sense. For more information on the services offered by our Lake of the Ozarks internet marketing company, give us a call at 573-552-8403 today!

~ Erin Burdette, Social Media Coordinator

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