Make Sure Your Business is Mobile in 2015!

Is Your Business Mobile? 

According to, we passed the mobile user tipping point in 2014. What this means is that there are now more mobile only users that are on the internet than desktop users. The numbers are pretty startling...there are now about 1900 MILLION mobile users versus approximately 1700 MILLION desktop users globally. 

Which devices are most popular? (as of January 2015)

Here are some stats on the most popular devices that people are now using to search the internet: 
  1. 80% of internet users now own a smartphone and use it to search the internet
  2. 47% use a tablet
  3. 37% use a game console
  4. 34% use a Smart TV
  5. 9% use a Smart Watch
  6. 7% use a Smart Wristband

Where do internet users start their internet searches? 

According to the Smart Insights research, 48% of mobile users start their internet searches using a search engine. Another 33% started on a branded website (think Amazon), and another 26% started their search on  branded app (think Yelp). One other interesting stat shows that 89% of people are now using mobile devices to view social media via mobile apps. One more nugget to glean from this research has to do with responsive websites and e-commerce. This report showed that the ad to cart rate and sales conversion was still higher with Desktop and Tablets...not so much with smart phones. 

So what? 

At MSW Interactive Designs, we always ask, "So what?" Here is the answer to that question - having a standalone mobile website will allow you to display your important business information clearly and quickly to a mobile user, and may lead to better sales conversion for your business. If you are choosing a responsive website design, think carefully on how you are displaying your business information (think "calls to action") on the responsive website...especially if you are in the e-commerce world. 

MSW Interactive Designs can help! 

If you have any questions about mobile website design, or other mobile questions, give us a call at 573-552-8403. We can design a very user friendly mobile website presence for your business at a very affordable cost. Your question should be,"Can I afford NOT to have a mobile internet presence?"

~ Mike Waggett, Owner

MSW Interactive Designs ~ We Put the Web to Work for You!
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  1. Great insight, Thanks for sharing here, yes it's very important to have the Website Designing done in responsive. Otherwise most of the visitors loose interest while browsing on Mobile.


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