5 Ways to Get Online Reviews for Your Business

Did you know that roughly 90% of consumers claim that positive online reviews influence their buying decision and 86% say negative reviews influence them?  In today's digital world, where many decisions are made online before even stepping foot in your place of business, online reviews are of the utmost importance.  People everywhere are sharing their opinions online through Social Media and everything they say does have an impact.  While many businesses focus on what to do about a couple bad reviews, the best thing to do is combat them with more positive reviews.  Here are a few tips to gain more reviews from your best customers:

1. Just ask your customers for a review. 

The best way to get reviews is to simply ask for them.  As long as your customers are happy with your product or service, presenting them with an opportunity to give you a review is a great idea. Many customers may be extremely happy, but writing a review just doesn't cross their mind until you bring it up.  If someone compliments you, either in-person, over the phone or in an email, mention how much you'd appreciate if they could leave that same feedback in an online review.

2. Create profiles on multiple review sites. 

With so many review sites out there, where do you start?  First you need to consider which sites are relevant to your business.  Some of the more popular ones include Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie's List and Google+.  Facebook has a place for reviews as well.  Do some research, see what sites your competitors are using and then start setting up your profiles.

3. Provide direct links to review sites to make it easy. 

Customers with negative experiences are always looking for places to voice their opinion, but the same doesn't go for those positive experiences.  Therefore, its important that you make it easy for your satisfied customers to write a review.  You can provide direct links to your profiles on the review sites in follow-up emails, newsletters and on your website.  Yelp even has a downloadable banner you can use in your website design.

4. Create incentives for employees and customers. 

Obviously you don't want to buy reviews, but providing incentives is a great way to get people excited about writing online reviews about their experiences.  Offering a small incentive is a great way to show your appreciation.  Monthly giveaways where you choose a reviewer at random aare an effective way to encourage reviews.  You can also provide incentives to your employees for promoting online reviews with their customers.  Given the importance of online reviews in the consumer buying process, this is one of the most effective ways to spend your marketing budget.

5. Thank those customers that write reviews. 

In addition to asking for reviews from your customers, be sure to thank those that actually take the time to do it.  You can even take it one step further and offer your top reviewers a surprise such as a coupon or discount code.  This simple step will turn a satisfied customer into a loyal one.

The more customer reviews you can get not only helps build trust and loyalty, but you'll see a direct impact on your marketing efforts and lead generation.  One thing to keep in mind with asking for reviews, be sure to constantly monitor what is being said about you online.  Your online reputation is important and if there are negative comments out there, you need to be ready to combat them with some great reviews from your best customers.

If you have any questions regarding how your business is presented online, don't hesitate to give MSW Interactive Designs a call.  Our core online marketing services include website design, maintenance and hosting, mobile website design and hosting, social media customization and engagement and search engine optimization.  Give us a call today at 877-211-5492 and let us put the web to work for you!  

~Erin Burdette, Social Media Coordinator


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