Is Your Business on Google+?

Social Media has become a crucial part of marketing strategy for many businesses.  Many businesses are on Facebook and even Twitter, but should you be doing more?  Of course you should!  Google+ has worked its into the top 5 social networking sites.  If you're looking for more website traffic and to build your brand's awareness, Google+ is the place to be! 

What is Google+?  

Most people know what Facebook is by now and many of you know that Twitter only lets you post 140 characters at a time...but what exactly is Google+? Although its kind of like all these other platforms wrapped into one, Google+ is a completely different experience.  When it comes to businesses, Google+ allows you to create pages and develop tighter relationships with your prospects and customers. Individual users can add your brand to one of their circles, share your business page with their network and interact with the content you've posted.

Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Google+ 

1. Search Engine Rankings - Social signals pointing back to your website help it rank better in search results.  Since Google+ is promoted by the biggest technology platform on the planet, you can bet that being active on Google+ will be prioritized by Google.

2. Visibility - Similar to the Facebook "Like" button and the "Follow" button on Twitter, Google+ has its own version.  The "+1" Button adds a completely new element to your website ranking and shareability factor.  Google won't admit it, but many marketers have found that the +1's are included in Google's algorithm.  A great presence on Google+ and being +1'd is a high-five for your website's visibility, your ability to increase brand awareness and most importantly, begin to build what possibly could be the biggest thing yet in lead generation!

Tips for Using Google+ Effectively 

1. Complete Page Information - Be sure to fill out as much information about your business as you can.  You will also want to use keywords in your introduction and the about section.

2. Incorporate Links - Google+ allows you to add links directly to your website in the introduction section.  You can link text or insert the actual URL.

3. Post Interesting Content Regularly - Just setting up a Google+ page isn't enough, you actually need to be active on it.  You want to share interesting, relevant content.  Posting blogs that you've written or YouTube videos that you've made are great content ideas.  You also want to have a visual element with every post that you make.

If you're already using Facebook for your business, it's simple to add Google+ to your marketing plan. Most of the content your are sharing on Facebook is relevant for Google+ as well.  If you need help with social media marketing for your business, give MSW Interactive Designs a call at 573-552-8403 today!  Let us put the web to work for you!

~ Erin Burdette, Social Media Coordinator


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