6 LinkedIn Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Social media marketing is one of our specialties here at MSW Interactive Designs. When we say social media, people immediately think of Facebook and maybe even Twitter. However, LinkedIn is also another powerful social marketing tool for your business.  Below are some tips for using LinkedIn to grow your business.

1. Complete your profiles. 

Take the time to fill out not only your company profile, but also your personal one completely.  This builds credibility for both you and your business.  MSW Interactive Designs offers social media set-up and customization as a service if you need help in this area.

2. Use compelling images.

Your cover photo is the first thing visitors to your page see.  You want this photo to represent your brand well.  You also want to have a great profile photo such as your logo or something else that helps brand you. Great photos will help you establish your credibility.

3. Add relevant keywords.

Just like with the copy on your website, you want to have relevant keywords in your LinkedIn description.  These keywords will increase your chances of ranking in LinkedIn searches and possibly even seeing your Linked In company page rank in Google searches.

4. Post engaging content regularly.

You never want to sell, sell, sell on social media because you customers will get tired of seeing it. Instead, use the networks to provide your customers with educational information.  Share blog posts, press releases, company updates and other relevant news about not only your company, but the industry in general.  Post interesting, relevant and helpful information such as tips and tricks they can use. Posting regularly is also key; don't just post once in a blue moon.

5. Make your company page easy to find.

Add LinkedIn buttons to your website and blog so that people can easily find you on LinkedIn.  You can also add a link to your LinkedIn company page in your email signature.  On fliers and other mailings add the social media buttons and list your links so people know you're on LinkedIn and they can go find you.

6. Measure your success.

Each company update or post has metrics listed under it so you can see the engagement for that specific post.  You can compare posts and see which ones work better than others, what type of content people are looking to interact with.  You can use this information to tailor future posts specifically to your audience.

Growing your business through social media isn't entirely based on how many fans or followers you have, but rather on the relationships you build.  For help with your social media marketing efforts, please give us a call at 877-211-5492.  We would love the opportunity to discuss our social media customization and engagement packages with you!  

~ Erin Burdette, Social Media Coordinator


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