Does your Facebook page look a little different lately?

Just when you probably got used to the way your business Facebook page looked, the king of the social media world decided to change things.  The roll out of the new look started earlier this year, but most business pages saw the new design appear in June.  Here are some of the changes that Facebook made according to

1. Bigger photos!

  • One of the biggest changes is a wider, single-column view for posts.  Photos are now wider with a new 504 pixel width.  The column feed is ¼ larger than previous photos.  Photos can now be 504 pixels by 504 pixels, so take advantage of this feature!

2. Tab App locations

  • Your first desired app only shows up at the main tab bar
  • Your other apps will show in the “More” dropdown option
  • You can still see all of your apps lower in the left column

3. Activity Tab has a lot of info

  • This is a one stop place to go to see all of your notifications.  You can view, respond to and manage messages to your Page…we love this feature!

4. Reviews are easier to find

  • If your local business page allows reviews, the review area of the page is now much more prominent.  It’s at the top left of the page right under your profile image.
  • If a page visitor hovers over the review stars, they can see a breakdown of all of your ratings.  If they click on the stars, they can read all of your reviews
  • Reviews can be a POWERFUL tool for your business.  Be proactive in responding to reviews to show that you’re engaged, active and caring!

5. Posts to your page are more visible

  • Posts to your page are also on the left side and are much easier to see than in the old layout.

6. Key settings are bundled

  • Your page settings are now much easier to manage under your “Settings” tab.  Take a look at some new options under each area.  You can add a lot of information about your business, manage your audience, and more.  Make sure your business page has everything about your business included

7. Snapshot of Page Action 

  • Another nice feature is available by hovering over the stats area at the top right of your page. You have a great deal of info available to show you how far your posts are reaching, what posts are working well, and notifications and messages on your posts.

Business Facebook is a powerful tool for your business and these changes should help you manage your page better.  If you have any questions about the new Facebook look, please give MSW Interactive Designs a holler!  We can help with your Facebook and other social media marketing efforts.

~ Sandy Waggett, Owner

MSW Interactive Designs ~ We Put the Web to Work for You!
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