9 Tips to Gaining More Twitter Followers for Businesses

Twitter is one of the largest growing social media platforms and especially if you are wanting to reach a younger demographic, you need to be on it!  Many of you already know this and have already created an account, started tweeting, but with no one is hearing you.  Don't give up yet, here are 9 tips to gaining more twitter followers for your business!

1. Leverage other Social Media Profiles

If you are on Twitter, chances are you have a presence on other social media profiles as well.  Be sure to let those followers know that you are on Twitter.  Talking about being on Twitter in your Blog and putting a link to your Twitter profile in your email signature block are great ways to cross promote your social media channels.

2. Engage with Your Current Followers

If someone retweets your content or replys to your tweet, be sure to reply back and thank them for their interaction.  Show your current followers you care and they'll be more likely to interact with you again, allowing your content to be seen by their followers.

3. Interact with Others

By showing interest in other companies by either retweeting their content or replying to something they've tweeted, you spark their attention and could gain a new follower.

4. Tweet at Peak Times

Tweeting at times when your followers are online only increases the chances of them fining you and following you.  Test out tweeting at different times of the day and use a stats tracker to see at what times your tweets get the most interaction and engagement.

5. Ask Your Current Followers for a Retweet

When others retweet your content, your username is pushed into foreign social graphs, resulting in clickbacks to your profile. If you have valuable content and a great bio, once they get to your profile, they'll be sure to follow.

6. Fill Out Your Bio

Your Bio is actually displayed on Twitter's suggested users page, so having it blank or filled with indescriptive information isn't going to help you gain followers.  People aren't going to follow you for just one tweet that they liked, you need to tell them who you are and what to expect on your page.

7. Bring Twitter into Your Physical World

If you are doing a presentation, use Twitter to engage your audience. Create a new hashtag and ask everyone to tweet in questions or comments with that hashtag.  You may gain new followers from your audience that wouldn't think to follow you on Twitter if you hadn't brought it up.

8. Use Pictures and Hashtags

Picture posts are heavily retweeted compared to those without pictures. Hashtags are also a way for others to find you when they are searching for a certain topic they are interested in.  If they see you in search results for a topic they are already interested in, you have a good chance of gaining them as a follower.

9. See What's Trending and Jump in the Conversation

By participating in a popular conversation that others are already engaged in, you could be exposed to a whole new market.  They're already reading tweets on that particular topic and when you use that hashtag, your tweet and therefore profile is going to be forced infront of them.  If you have something interesting to say about the topic, they are more likely to click through to your profile and follow you.

Use these tips in combination with valuable, engaging content and you're sure to grow your followers.  If you need help getting started on Twitter, give us a call at 877-211-5492.  Our experienced staff offers Social Media Setup and Customization, as well as Social Media Engagement Packages.  Let us help you grow your business!

MSW Interactive Designs is here to help with all your online marketing needs. From search engine optimization to social media engagement, MSW Interactive Designs makes it affordable to establish an effective, professional and custom internet presence for your business!  Request a FREE Quote by calling 877-211-5492 today!

~ Erin Burdette, Social Media Coordinator


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