Your Business Web Presence in 2014

Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014!  We have attempted to provide you advice on many topics over the past few years and we want to thank all of our readers for their input and for contacting us to learn more about website design, search engine strategies, mobile websites, and social media creation and engagement.  To start out 2014, we want to provide you some food for thought as you strategically guide your business with your web presence.

In 2014 according to Forbes, “Investment in Social Media will become a Necessity, Not a Luxury.”

Benefits of doing social media:

1) Improved social signals which factor into your search engine ranking

2) Company branding and brand awareness

3) Word of mouth advertising

4) Increased customer loyalty and trust and greater reach and influence

Trends in Social Media for 2014

The Social Media landscape continually evolves and for a business to successfully leverage this powerful business tool, you should be considering what 2014 will bring:

1) Google+ - many experts predict that social signals will be heavily weighed from this social platform.  Google+ may quickly become known as the one size fits all social network as it integrates all functionality into one place!

2) Videos and Micro Videos – videos and Social Media video platforms continue to be a preferred choice to share information and business branding.  Short is sweet with 15 second or less videos becoming the way of the world!  If you are not using Vine or Instagram video, you should be!!

3) LinkedIn will become the king of B2B – with 238 million users and growing, it is one of the largest sources for content creation and curation for professionals.  LinkedIn will also be launching some new programs that can make this an even more important tool.

4) Facebook and Twitter are not going anywhere – These giants in Social Media may be aging, but they have not lost their luster for the people using them.  These are still the big boys out there and if you don’t have a presence, you are losing a huge opportunity for your business.

The team at MSW Interactive Designs wishes you continued business success at the Lake of the Ozarks and beyond.  We will continue to try to put out topics that may be of use in 2014.  If you have a particular topic you would like us to feature, please call, email or post your question on our social media channels!  HAPPY NEW YEAR

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