How important is it to be ranked #1 in Google?

Your website rank in Google – How important is it to be #1?

Clients often ask us how important it is for their website to be ranked #1 in Google for their major key words.  We just came across a new study that measures the amount of click throughs for each page rank and we wanted to share this with you.

Online ad network Chitika completed a study in June 2013 tracking the amount of traffic that each Google result page rank achieved.  The results are striking!

The #1 position in a Google search receives 32.5% of the average traffic share

The #2 position receives 17.6%

The #3 position receives 11.4%

The #4 - #10 positions quickly drop below 10%, with the 6-10 positions below 5% each!

Let me translate this with an example.  If you are a printing company in the area, and someone does a Google search for “printing lake of the ozarks”, if you are in the top 3 rankings of page 1, you will have a 61.5% chance that someone will click on your website link.  If you are below this ranking, the traffic to your website dramatically decreases.

In addition, if you are not on page 1 in Google for your major search terms, most people will not click through to your website.  The Chikita study indicated that 91.5% only click on a result on page 1 with 4.8% going on to page 2 or lower.

Do a reality check with your website

As a business owner, you should conduct a reality check on your website ranking.  Search for the typical terms that your clients are using.  If you are not ranking on page 1 or are not in the top rankings, then you can consider a few options:

  • Talk to your web person about the code for the website – is it optimized properly?
  • Look at the copy on your website – does it include these search terms, as well as great (and fresh) content?
  • Start doing social media immediately – Google is now heavily weighing your social signals 
  • Consider doing Google Ads – this study also shows that paid ads garner a 15% click through 

Here is the link to the study by Chikita and other studies that have been done on click through rates and search engine ranking - 

As always, if you have questions about this topic, or any other website or social media questions, please give MSW Interactive Designs a call!

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