5 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

Questions you should ask before having your website designed

Asking a series of important questions before contracting with a web design company can help avoid issues down the road.  Getting adequate answers to these questions will help ensure you selecting the best company for your needs.

1)  Can you provide me examples of your work or testimonials from your clients?

If your website designer does not have a sample portfolio to show you or existing clients that you can speak with, then you should consider interviewing another company.

2)  Is there paperwork involved before you start on my website?

Your web designer should present you written documentation of the exact cost and any recurring costs, as well as the length of the contract.  You should also expect a time table for the design of the website, what materials will be required, the feedback process on the design, and other important information.  If it’s not written down, misunderstandings can occur, as well as unwelcome surprises.

3)  Does your cost quote include all fees?

Nothing sours a business relationship more than hidden fees or costs.  Once you have conveyed your vision and requirements for the website to the designer make sure the quote you receive has ALL fees included.  Things to look for are domain registration fees, visual element development, programming fees, costs to update the website in the future, and any other initial or recurring fees.

4)  Will I own my domain and website files?

This is a very important question to ask.  Your domain name registration should have your name and contact information as the Registrant on the account. This will allow you access to it.  You should also own all website files and the rights to all images and content used in the website.

5)  Can my website be easily moved to another hosting company if I decide to make a change?

You should know upfront whether your website is tied to a proprietary content management system or platform.  Template sites and other database driven websites may not be easily portable.  If you decide to change companies down the road, you could have unnecessary and costly challenges.

Working with a professional web design company should be stress and hassle free if you ask these questions before you start a business relationship with them.  Nobody likes surprises, and getting answers to these questions up front can help avoid them.

As always, if you have questions about this topic, or any other website or social media questions, please give MSW Interactive Designs a call!

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